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Printed catalogue

The indoor luminaires and outdoor luminaires from ERCO make up a comprehensive range of lighting equipment for complete, integrated lighting solutions in architecture. On around 636 pages, the Program shows details of our entire range.

This data is provided in the following languages: 

Product characteristics

These design documents apply to one particular product range. They provide a comprehensive overview of the features, applications, lighting technology and luminaire arrangement of the individual product range in question. The documents are in Acrobat PDF format and as such can be viewed and printed out.

Product specification sheets

The product specification sheets provide detailed information on all ERCO products. They are Acrobat PDF documents. Here, you can find the specification sheets for every article number or all product specification sheets for a product range as a ".zip" archive.

Installation instructions

ERCO provides the installation instructions for all their products in PDF format. These instructions explain how to install and service the luminaires.

Design data: luminiares

The creative process of lighting design requires detailed information. We offer a plethora of different data records for light calculation and simulation, plus images and texts about our products for downloading.