TFL Wallwasher. 100% wallwashing

The TFL Wallwasher stands for a particular ERCO expertise - vertical illuminance.

Excellent uniformity

To meet the stringent standards of vertical illuminance, ERCO has developed luminaires specifically to produce exceptionally uniform levels of illuminance.

Can be installed in a continuous line

To achieve a uniform brightness distribution on the wall, the TFL Wallwashers can be attached directly to one another.

Structure and characteristics





ERCO wallwasher reflector

  • Aluminium, anodised, satin matt



Varychrome RGB

  • Reflector-diffuser system for homogenously mixed light emitted from the cover glass without colour shadows
  • 3 DALI control gear units for ERCO RGB varychrome colour mixing



  • Metal, powder-coated
  • Screw-fastened end plates. Arrangement as continuous band of light possible
  • Mounting bracket with screw fixing: metal, for ceiling thicknesses of 12.5-25mm
  • Electronic control gear or DALI control gear

Vertical illuminance is a particular expertise of ERCO. The specially designed reflector of the TFL Wallwasher enables homogenous illumination of the wall – optionally in colour (RGB). To achieve a consistent brightness distribution on the wall, the surface-mounted downlights can be attached directly to one another.

The fluorescent lamps ensure economical lighting of walls in museums, but also in sales and promotional areas. This type of ambient lighting produces uniform, diffuse light and a bright and welcoming atmosphere in the room.

System overview

Product overview

Design data

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