Trion. Lighting effects for ceilings

The ceiling washlight for sophisticated lighting that makes ceilings appear higher

Excellent uniformity

ERCO has developed luminaires designed to achieve particularly uniform illuminances to meet the stringent requirements of ceiling washlighting.

Coloured light

Coloured light can be used to design and change the surroundings by adding subtle or dramatic contrasts. LEDs provide you with a highly efficient and flexible tool to create coloured light.

Wide or deep beam

The Spherolit lenses with wide or deep beam permit adjustment of the light distribution to suit the relevant lighting task.

Structure and characteristics






ERCO Spherolit lens

  • Light distributions: wide beam or deep beam


ERCO LED module

  • High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB
  • Light colours: warm white, neutral white or varychrome RGBW
  • Collimating lens made of optical polymer
  • Varychrome with parabolic reflector for colour mixing: aluminium, silver, bright anodised


Cover frame

  • Plastic, black lacquered
  • Cut-off shield: aluminium, black lacquered. For service safety, the cut-off shield can be fixed with Allen head screws.


Housing and wall plate

  • White (RAL9002)
  • Cast aluminium, powder-coated

Control gear:

  • Phase dimmable or DALI dimmable

Phase dimmable version:

  • Dimming with external dimmers possible (trailing edge)

Trion offers perfect ceiling washlighting and an elegant design. With seamless architectural integration possible, this ceiling washlight is ideal to make rooms appear visually higher. Ceiling illumination of exceptional uniformity satisfies the highest standards. The special lens system of the Trion produces a deep or wide beam to meet different architectural requirements. The Trion range is rounded off by optional varychrome light for coloured lighting effects on the ceiling.

Pictures of application

  • Ceiling washlights

General lighting

Ambient lighting produced by wide beam light distribution.

Ceiling washlights

Asymmetrical washlighting for uniform illumination of the ceiling.

  • LED
  • 12W - 30W
  • 960lm - 3180lm
  • Deep beam, Wide beam

Ceiling washlights

The distance from the ceiling is recommended to be one third of the ceiling beam for uniform illumination. Select a luminaire spacing of up to twice the distance to the ceiling.

Product overview

Planning data for download