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Lightcast. Universal and elegant

The partner for all recessed applications

Different sizes

The luminaires in the ERCO product range cover a wide variety of lumen categories and therefore offer an appropriate solution for a large number of lighting tasks.

Structure and characteristics







ERCO Darklight reflector

  • Cut-off angle 30° or 40°
  • Aluminium, silver, bright anodised


Diffuser or lens

  • Diffuser: glass, matt
  • Wallwasher lens or Softec lens


ERCO LED module

  • High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB
  • Light colours: warm white or neutral white
  • Reflector for mixing light: aluminium, silver anodised, mirror-finish
  • Directional luminaire 0°-20° tilt, rotatable through 360°


Screw-fastened cover ring

  • Corrosion-resistant cast aluminium, No-Rinse surface treatment
  • Silver, double powder-coated
  • Safety glass



  • Cast aluminium, silver powder-coated
  • Mounting with 2- or 3-point support and screw fixing, for ceiling thicknesses of 1-30mm
  • Side-mounted control gear: plastic or cast aluminium, black

Control gear:

  • Switchable or DALI dimmable

The Lightcast recessed luminaires are your perfect partner for general and accent lighting. With high protection ratings, this luminaire is also suitable for transitional areas between indoors and outdoors, such as entrance zones and arcades. The Darklight technology combines maximum visual comfort with an optimum light output ratio. In indoor areas, the Lightcast is ideal for applications where protection against moisture or dust is required. Lightcast therefore is your tool if you want to use quality downlights, directional luminaires or wallwashers.

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