ERCO new products for 01 July 2018

Our aim to support sustainable lighting design concepts via innovative product solutions is once more shown in the ERCO new products for 01 July 2018.

Technologies such as chip on-board LED with its diversity of spectra as well as wireless light control via Bluetooth are just part of this product portfolio. In this way, new application areas are made available to technical and design planners. ERCO sees itself as a system provider of high quality lighting tools and continuously enhances existing luminaire ranges. With Gimbal, planners are given a wallwasher which, thanks to its special mounting bracket, can be integrated into ceiling channels and used as a surface-mounted luminaire. The recessed spotlights of the Starpoint family are being supplemented with a further wattage level. This means they now fulfil lighting tasks requiring higher luminous flux. In addition to our new products, we also offer customer-specific modifications throughout the complete product programme in the form of our "ERCO individual".

The simple way to control professional lighting tools:
Bluetooth-capable luminaires via Casambi

The individual switching and dimming of luminaires, setting up light scenes and integrating sensors: all made possible by the new, wireless method of control now offered by ERCO in the form of Bluetooth-capable luminaires. Only a smartphone or tablet with the Casambi app are needed for setup and operation, intuitively and simply making available a level of design flexibility and convenience functions that in the past required complex light control systems.
Thanks to the ERCO system of luminaires a wide selection of Bluetooth-capable luminaires for track are already available. The product ranges Optec, Parscan, Oseris and Pollux offer various, attractive design options at wattages to 12W.

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ERCO chip-on-board LED technology for economical retail lighting

Each form of architecture places differing demands on light – especially in the retail sector. The interplay of light and surfaces lends a shop its unique identity and atmosphere. Optimum spatial effects require suitable light distributions and a spectrum matched to the range of merchandise. Light distributions, light colours and colour rendering for retail environments are ideally combined by ERCO in the form of its luminaire range for chip-on-board LED technology (COB LED).

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Starpoint. A package for accenting and floodlighting with even higher lumen output

Behind the discreet ceiling opening of the Starpoint recessed spotlight lies a master of floodlighting and accenting. Despite its compact design, six different light distributions are available as well as five wattages. The version with 10 watt LED module and 1230 lumens now rounds off the range.

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Gimbal for ceiling channels. The multi-variant special tool now enhanced with wallwashers

Gimbal is predestined as a tool for lighting concepts with ceiling channels. Gimbal can be easily installed on its special mounting bracket in appropriate ceiling structures. Alternatively, the luminaire can also be installed as a surface-mounted luminaire to walls and on ledges. Several sizes, wattages and light distributions provide scope for lively, differentiated, flexible lighting concepts. As a wallwasher, Gimbal for ceiling channels is now also suitable for uniform vertical illumination in e.g. retail applications or as a ceiling washlight on wall ledges.

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ERCO individual: Product solutions as unique as your project

With over 10,000 various series products, ERCO provides lighting designers with an extensive selection of high quality lighting tools. However, there are always projects with specific design-related or technical requirements that cannot be realised with existing lighting tools. For this reason our "ERCO individual" service offers you product solutions precisely according to your needs – ranging from modified series products to new developments.

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