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ERCO New Products 2014

In 2014 ERCO is set once again to provide light inspiration for your architecture. Using our expertise in LED technology we have developed new lighting tools for customised lighting solutions in projects for retail, culture, work, hospitality, life, and public buildings. Our innovative and highly efficient spotlights, recessed luminaires and outdoor luminaires offer lighting technology in its purest form.
And last but not least, we also offer an attractive introduction to the world of LED lighting: with Skim, our low-cost downlight for brilliant light.

Product development at ERCO over the last decade has focused more and more on LEDs and our core competence in the field of optoelectronics. With this as a basis, our attention is now directed to the next goal: using all our experience as a “Light Factory” to shape advanced LED technology into lighting tools with a simplicity, logic and maturity that enable any user to achieve efficient visual comfort – even in the most diverse lighting situations. A clear technical edge in optical systems for LEDs and expertise in the development of system electronics provide ERCO’s engineers with degrees of freedom to produce innovative luminaire concepts and striking product designs. 100% LED – this approach applies not only to our new lighting tools. 100% LED also describes the future potential which ERCO wants to open up to any designer and user of light in architecture – for creative, sustainable and effective lighting concepts.

Minimalist design: Elegant presence in museums and shops

Light, not luminaires – this is the foundation on which the sleek, cylindrical shape of Parscan is modelled. Different lighting solutions can be implemented efficiently thanks to precise and flexible photometrics. If the spotlight is directed vertically downwards as a downlight, the support bracket merges into the cylindrical shape. With its black housing, compact shape and a luminaire head that barely swivels out when rotated or tilted, the Parscan is also ideal for mounting in ceiling channels. Excellent glare control adds to good visual comfort even in challenging lighting situations whilst high power outputs of up to 48W and 6000lm make the Parscan an attractive alternative to 70W high-pressure discharge lamps. Displaying a minimalist design, the luminaire appears unobtrusive in museums, shops or places of worship.

The talent for sharp-edged beams

In versions with different light distributions, Optec covers the full bandwidth of lighting requirements in shops, galleries and museums – high-contrast accent lighting, floodlighting of exhibits, uniform illumination of walls, or sharp-edged beams for striking effects. ERCO has now added an 18W version to the Optec contour spotlight for higher lumen packages. This leaves all options open for projections even in rooms with high ceilings for strong brightness contrasts. The framing attachment prevents spill light on the ceiling and ensures excellent visual comfort.

Efficient tools for shop lighting

ERCO has expanded its range of LED spotlights by adding further versions for shop lighting to maximise lighting efficiency, minimise maintenance and offer these switchable solutions at a very attractive price point. For exceptionally high illuminance levels, Opton includes special versions delivering more than 4000lm for striking accentuation, floodlighting or wallwashing, making the 100% LED approach a genuinely attractive alternative to the more maintenance and energy-intensive conventional metal halide lamps.

Lighting effects for walls: Simple and efficient wallwashing for museums and business premises

Pantrac exceeds the demands of the ultimate challenge in lighting design: perfect wallwashing. The system is designed to achieve superb uniform illumination of walls, product shelving or exhibits with total visual comfort. Innovative photometrics optimise its efficiency and, as a result, reduce the number of luminaires required, as these can be spaced further apart. With its archetypal cubic design, the luminaire integrates as effortlessly with modern rooms as with historic architecture. A very wide dimming control range of 1% to 100% supports aesthetic and conservation aspects of artwork protection and gallery appearance.

The introduction to light: The low-cost recessed luminaire for office and general lighting

The new Skim recessed luminaire captivates with its clarity of style and simplicity. This entry-level product for office, general and corridor lighting achieves excellent efficiency for superior lighting standards. And that at an excellent price to performance ratio. With excellent glare control, it is ideally suited for workplace lighting. The specially developed lens system meets the most stringent photometric requirements, as the magic of the lens will have the observer fascinated. Fitted without a mounting frame, it guarantees quick installation at low cost.

Efficient and economical

Compact LED is a previously unseen combination of excellent visual comfort and particularly shallow recess depth. Innovations in 2014 include the lens wallwasher and double wallwasher as new distribution options. These new photometric variations round off the system design in addition to the current wide flood and oval flood characteristics. Compact LED is now an economical lighting tool for differentiated lighting design and efficient visual comfort.

Efficient and architectonic

A particularly shallow recess depth and very efficient visual comfort suggest Quadra for administrative buildings and offices as well as for sales areas and private homes. ERCO has now added a lens wallwasher and a double wallwasher as new light distributions to the successful wide flood and oval flood characteristics. Simple elegance in combination with innovative photometrics make Quadra an efficient tool for differentiated ceiling recessed solutions.

Lighting effects for ceilings

This ceiling washlight makes the task of creating uniform uplighting incredibly easy. Pantrac wall-mounted luminaires focus on adding lighting effects to ceilings. The luminaires bring out the support structure and lend rooms a higher appearance. Ceilings decorated with stucco and paintings are given a new dimension. Pantrac blends into its architectural surroundings. The archetypal cubic design remains unobtrusive letting the luminaire recede into the background. The luminaire is available in different sizes with a range of light distribution patterns. This ensures optimum illumination of the ceiling with a minimum number of luminaires. In this way, Pantrac represents not only an effective, but also a cost-efficient, lighting solution.

Light to mark the way: Minimalist lighting for corridors and traffic routes in hotels, public buildings and private areas

The floor washlight XS draws attention to traffic routes and facilitates orientation. Superior photometrics enable the unit to be miniaturised. As a result, the floor washlight XS is easy to integrate in architecture, but can also be combined with other ERCO luminaires – which all feature the same LED systems. Appropriate accessories are available for typical wall-mounting situations. Installed flush, the luminaire merges neatly with the wall – and is visible really only when it is switched on.

Latest generation projectors: Lightscan for sophisticated lighting tasks in outdoor areas

Lightscan lends a new flair to outdoor lighting, yet cuts an equally fine figure indoors where applications call for a higher protection mode. Elegant look and highly efficient photometrics join to form a perfect symbiosis. Its high levels of luminous flux enable the illumination of buildings, walls or objects even where these are exceptionally tall or offer few options to position the projectors. A wide range of light distributions ensures that the light can be projected where it’s needed. Lightscan is exceptionally weather-resistant, as its slim silhouette blends harmoniously with the surroundings. Its cover glass as a contributing factor looks the part, but is also most easy to clean.

See and be seen

With Midipoll, ERCO presents a bollard luminaire in the context of efficient visual comfort. Its innovative photometrics with special prismatic lens effectively project the luminous flux onto the target surface – without causing glare, therefore fulfilling Dark Sky requirements. Innovations include LED versions with 24W for higher levels of illuminance. Even at a radius of 5.5m, this floor washlight therefore still achieves an illuminance of 0.5lx at the edge, enabling efficient lighting solutions with luminaire spacing of up to 11m.


360° Dark Sky

The light of Panorama bollard luminaires illuminates the ground almost magically leaving the night sky dark. The gentle gradient of the beam makes it easier to see by avoiding harsh contrasts and the associated rapid visual adaptation. This light quality is now also available with high-power LEDs for an exceptionally long service life. Its efficient photometrics enable economic lighting solutions with luminaire spacing of up to 10m.

Efficient and economical

The Compact LED downlight combines brilliant light with the familiar durability of ERCO outdoor luminaires. Wide flood and oval flood as different light distributions are now complemented by lens wallwashers for recessed installation and for surface mounting.

The benchmark in the outdoor area

The Tesis LED is a completely new generation of in-ground luminaires. The new, flat design of the Tesis LED housing ensures straightforward installation – in both round and square version. The housing is made of specialised extended glass-fibre reinforced polymers to allow the best possible corrosion-resistance. Tesis LED can be installed in the ground without an additional recessed housing. The robust recessed housing available for this range may be used for luminaires that are driven over by vehicles. Innovations in this range include lens wallwashers, uplights and directional luminaires as additional light distributions.