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Digital light for retail and chain stores, supermarkets and car dealerships

International fashion labels can often be recognised as soon as you enter a store, just by their lighting. Local brands, in contrast, maintain their status against competitors with inventive concepts, exquisite quality, individual service – and the appropriate lighting. Be it car dealership, shopping mall or luxury boutique, furniture store or delicatessen: ERCO projects all around the world demonstrate the enormous spectrum for designers to use light with maximum efficiency as a distinctive quality of ERCO spotlights and downlights in shops.

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ERCO illuminates over 18000 shops in fashion and textile retail worldwide. More than 200 international fashion brands have opted for ERCO’s lighting tools and expertise to ensure professional lighting for their stores.

Tips for lighting design

The diversity of lighting requirements found in shops calls for sophisticated lighting concepts. Corporate lighting is a key aspect of modern brand communication: Principles of lighting design such as vertical illuminance, accentuation and scenographic concepts define room zones and create a recognisable image for the shop. Light colours and colour rendition underline the materiality and quality of the products. Efficient shop lighting requires qualitative lighting design using energy-saving lighting tools for the differentiated illumination of sales areas, circulation routes, display points and service areas.
Along with delivering the perfect light ERCO supports international brands but also local and unusual shop concepts worldwide with individual consulting.


Using light for brand communication

The corporate design of brands must go hand in hand with a unique lighting concept. Successful corporate lighting concepts are based on two specific requirements: firstly, the development of light moods that are perceived as characteristic of the brand. Secondly, the selection of luminaires, the very design of which communicates the particular brand character.


Using light to guide attention

Lighting contrasts allow products to stand out from the rest. The typical lighting tool for this purpose is spotlights flexibly positioned on tracks. The appearance of shop windows can be dramatically varied with this technique: e.g. accentuating the mannequins in the window using one or several spotlights, depending on the modelling required.


Efficiently illuminating shelves

Merchandise displays such as racks, stands and shelves are places where customers critically examine the articles. Selecting the right lamps and luminaires helps to show the merchandise in the best possible light and provides cost-efficient solutions. Wallwashing ensures that shelves, for instance, are efficiently illuminated across the entire height.


Efficient lighting with LED technology

The outstanding characteristics of LEDs include high luminous efficacy, long functional life and a light spectrum free of IR and UV components. Other advantages for the illumination of textiles are brilliant light and good colour rendition.

Suitable lighting tools

Spotlight on for cars, fashion or fine delicatessen: ERCO offers a wide range of lighting tools for the professional, eye-catching presentation of goods. Track systems with spotlights achieve maximum flexibility: mounting location, beam direction, brightness and light distribution can be adjusted without tools to suit any shop concept. ERCO’s highly precise and efficient Spherolit technology allows for many different types of product presentation. A combination of downlights, directional spotlights and wallwashers, on the other hand, allows for inviting, diverse and vivid lighting scenarios from a defined grid. ERCO products excel as a result of high-power LEDs used in conjunction with specially developed lens technology. Their long functional life and a light spectrum free of IR and UV components sets them apart as ideal tools for use in shops. The high luminous efficacy and the precise, uniform LED light enables shop concepts with a minimum number of luminaires.