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Technical environment
Technical environment
Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Junior Recruitment

Junior Recruitment

Diverse training opportunities
Shape your future with us: ERCO offers a working environment which promotes effectiveness and personal development in an informal setting that gives you the opportunity to work as part of a team and contribute to the success of the company. We seek capable and motivated employees and therefore invest heavily in our own trainees. What we require from you is dedication, curiosity and the willingness to push yourself and others to get far with excellent work and great creative drive. We will teach you the rest: ERCO fosters a good climate that promotes and encourages effective learning for an all-round successful training experience.

Junior Recruitment
Junior Recruitment

Training plus studies

Bachelor of Arts (Betriebswirtschaft)
Bachelor of Science (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen oder Wirtschaftsinformatik)
Bachelor of Engineering (Maschinenbau, Kunststofftechnik, Elektronik oder Mechatronische Systeme)

Technical training

Mechatronics engineer
Electronics engineer
Industrial mechanic
Tool mechanic
Process engineer
Technical product designer
Qualified IT specialist
Machine and system operator

Junior Recruitment
Junior Recruitment

“Work experience at ERCO as a pupil enabled me to learn more about a variety of skilled occupations in the technical field. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to train as a machine and system operator at ERCO. When I had my qualification, I was keen to keep going and add further skills. So ERCO offered me a second training post – this time as a tool mechanic. I think it’s great to be given this further opportunity!”

Lampros Ioannou – Tool Mechanic, 2 year of training

Training with ERCO - Experiences

“The option of dual studies at ERCO is fantastic. Combining my training and studies with daily work gives what I learn strong practical relevance. When I need to prepare for specific exams at university I am given valuable help by ERCO’s various teams. It may be more time-consuming and the learning curve is steeper than in school – but successes in your studies will pay off later in your job!”

Dennis Kotzian - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics), 3rd year of studies

Junior Recruitment
Junior Recruitment

“For me it was important to work a variety of different and interesting jobs early in my training. ERCO made this possible, placing considerable trust in me. In each department I was fully integrated in day-to-day operations. This allowed me to be actively involved in projects, meetings and events, and afforded me opportunities such as going along to see suppliers.”

Patrick Sapel - Bachelor of Science (Industrial Engineering and Management), 4th year of study

“I had so many questions at the start of my training – finishing school to take up training is, after all, a big step. Colleagues at ERCO showed me though how easy it is to make this change and to feel “at home”. The good working environment in the various departments and having specific points of contact helped me to accept each change as a new challenge and to enjoy facing it.”

Zoja Avodyan - Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration), 2nd year of studies

Junior Recruitment
Junior Recruitment

“ERCO actively encourages the participation in a variety of programming and digital technology seminars. As part of my training they taught me a great deal about relevant aspects which I can now readily apply in practice. My first year of training, which I spent at the Technical Institute in Lüdenscheid, set me up well for my training.”

Thorben Renfordt – Electronics Engineer, 4th year of study

“Training at ERCO gives me the opportunity to gain international job experience early on. I work in Marketing, which means I am in regular contact with our customers, service providers and sales staff worldwide. It was quite a challenge for me at first, but now I really enjoy it. And as a bonus I get to improve my English!”

Nina Herten - Bachelor of Arts (Business Administration), 2nd year of studies

Junior Recruitment
Junior Recruitment

Offer for students

You can never approach young talent early enough. This is why ERCO also offers flexible options to students as an opportunity to gain practical experience in the company: From internships as part of their course programme and jobs for working students through to help with dissertations or theses. ERCO is particularly interested in the following branches of study:
- Electrical engineering
- Mechatronics
- Optomechatronics
- Plastics engineering
- Mechanical engineering
- Information technology
- Industrial engineering and management
- Business administration

Offer for pupils

ERCO offers a variety of work experience opportunities for pupils of any type of school:
- Work placements for pupils
- Voluntary holiday internships
- Practical courses to gain advanced technical college entrance qualification

Junior Recruitment
Junior Recruitment

Trainees cook with ERCO chef
The trainee cooking sessions with ERCO’s chef never fail to disappoint. The three-course meal prepared is served up and enjoyed together with ERCO’s management team, giving the trainees opportunity to address the top level with a diversity of interesting questions.

ERCO – more than just training

Trainee trip
Good cooperation in the team often is the prerequisite for one’s own job satisfaction and the quality of work with other employees and customers. But satisfactory teamwork doesn’t just happen! Teamwork is a complex process which needs to be driven and sustained continuously. Focus at the annual trainee trips therefore is given to “team building”.

Junior Recruitment
Junior Recruitment

Based on modern training and learning principles, ERCO enables junior staff to develop their full potential: Seminars on topics such as Lean Management or Project Management, but also product training and PC courses, help the trainees grow and distinguish themselves by pursuing more specialised topics.

ERCO explores
ERCO explores is a firm component of ERCO’s training programme. Trainees are given opportunity here to run their own projects.

This helps trainees:
- gain an understanding of ERCO’s core capabilities
- work in interdisciplinary processes
- learn the basics of project management
- take on challenges
- think “outside the box”
- get to know ERCO’s market environment
- work in teams

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