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Silver, bronze for Good Design at ERCO

ERCO wins gold, silver, bronze for “Good Design” – on top of Grand Prix as “Company of the Year”

On 28 November 2014 ERCO received as many as four awards at the annual “Good Design” competition organised by the German Designer Club, DDC. The awards underline the successful strategy of ERCO to emerge into the digital age by focusing on optoelectronics in all areas of its business.

Four awards for good design
The Gold award in the “Products” category went to the outdoor luminaire Lightscan, the economic downlight Skim was awarded bronze. In the “Photo/Film” category, ERCO’s brand campaign “Inspiration is found wherever you look for it” stood out to claim silver. In addition to the regular competition, the jury awarded ERCO the Grand Prix as “Company of the Year”. The award ceremony was held with numerous guests from the creative industry attending the event at the Capitol Theater Offenbach near Frankfurt am Main. ERCO Managing Director Tim Henrik Maack was joined in accepting the awards at the ceremony by Marketing Manager David Kuntzsch, who is responsible for the campaign, and by the head of ERCO’s design team, Henk Kosche. The DDC, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, is an initiative which has set itself the goal of awarding sophisticated and pioneering design excellence. To this end, the DDC set up an interdisciplinary platform with focus on networked and integrated communication throughout all design disciplines and media. An overview of recent developments in the design scene features in a bilingual DDC yearbook published by Birkhäuser Verlag as part of the competition.

Consistently set up with future in focus
This was the second time in 2014 that ERCO received awards in several categories at a prestigious design competition. A few weeks earlier, ERCO had been presented with Iconic Awards for its Skim and Lightscan products and for its “Inspiration is found wherever you look for it” campaign. Says Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Design Council in Frankfurt am Main: “We were won over by the change of perspective which ERCO has adopted for its triad of product – brand – trade fair design.” The timing of the multiple awards is no coincidence: In recent years, in which the whole luminaire industry began facing up to the technology change, ERCO proceeded in stages to change from conventional lighting to LED technology. For the company itself it meant a complete and radical reorientation of every area in only a short space of time – from development to production and assembly through to marketing and sales. The latest awards presented by the DDC and the German Design Council demonstrate that ERCO, the Light Factory, has now positioned itself comprehensively, with exceptional consistency and successfully for the digital age.

Silver, bronze for Good Design at ERCO
Silver, bronze for Good Design at ERCO

ERCO Inspirations

High-quality and accessible at once
ERCO has reinvented itself over the last few years. Always reputed for its complete and consistent approach to design from product development and photometrics through to brand communication, the luminaire expert today presents itself as a modern and highly accessible brand. With a product design and cutting-edge photometrics specially developed by its in-house teams for LED technology, ERCO takes its standards of design and lighting perfection into the future. Its recessed luminaire Skim, for instance, offers an aesthetic and highly efficient alternative to linear fluorescent lamps which tend to dominate the ceiling appearance in offices and public buildings. Brilliant wallwashers, on the other hand, enable uniform and efficient vertical illuminance. A wide spectrum of highly precise light distributions with digital light, meanwhile, opens up a myriad of options for modern lighting design in many different fields of application.

Silver, bronze for Good Design at ERCO
Silver, bronze for Good Design at ERCO

ERCO headquarters

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