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Technical environment
Technical environment
Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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ING Bank

Transparent architecture is light architecture: the ING Bank's new building before the gates of Amsterdam makes a break with the clichéd designs of the finance world.

ING Bank
ING Bank

In the South of Amsterdam, new sites are currently being opened up for building tightly packed, urban quarters for commercial and residential use. The Zuidas area is given a spectacular, architectural landmark in the form of the unconventionally shaped ING Bank, nicknamed the 'shoe' by the locals. Its 16 V-shaped stilts raise the elongated wedge-shaped building so far off the ground that every workplace is afforded an unrestricted view of the neighbouring motorway beyond the sound-proofing dyke.

ING Bank
ING Bank

The ING Group sees itself as a modern and global network - it accordingly the architecture avoids the clichéd designs of the banking world. Atria, loggia and gardens, which connect several levels, give the building a high quality interior and allow many different uses, such as receptions or training sessions for instance.

ING Bank
ING Bank
ING Bank

The conference hall for the bank's board of directors conjures up the image of a captain's bridge. When the transparent architecture is seen at night, the conference hall sets itself apart from the rest of the building because it has a different quality of light. Double-focus downlight for low-voltage halogen lamps over the conference table provide the lighting. The wall clad with veneered acoustic panels is illuminated by recessed ceiling wallwashers, which are also equipped with low-voltage halogen lamps.

ING Bank
ING Bank

A transparent roof of glass and steel lets daylight flood into the company canteen. In addition, the roof structure also carries 3-circuit tracks equipped with Stella spotlights for low-voltage lamps.

Controlled via an ERCO lighting control system, the lighting can be adjusted not only to the changing light conditions during the course of the day but to varied uses as well.

ING House
P.O. Box 810, 1000 AV Amsterdam,
The Netherlands
Amstelveenseweg 500
1081 KL Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Telephone +31 20 541 5411
Fax +31 20 541 5444

Unfortunately, the ING headquarters are not open to the public and there are no guided tours, but there is a 'virtual Tour' on the website:

Architecture: Meyer & Van Schooten Architecten, Amsterdam

Interior design:
Ontwerpgroep Trude Hooykaas bv, Amsterdam
Meyer & Van Schooten Architecten, Amsterdam

Facts and figures

Foundation stone laid: 16^th of November 1999
Topping out ceremony: 9^th of May 2001
Official opening: 16^th of September 2002, by Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands
Plot of land: 5,600 m²
Developed area: 3,500 m²
Length: 138 meters
Width: 28 meters
Height: 48 meters
Number of storeys: 10
Employees: 500
Gross area: 20,000m² (excl. underground car park)
Office area: 7,500m²
Conference rooms: 800m²
Auditorium: 500m²
Banqueting hall: 500m²
Restaurants and kitchens: 1,100m²
Lifts: 7
Underground car park: 160 spaces

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