Light structures

Profile systems for lighting suspended from the ceiling

Light structures are luminaires that additionally allow the possibility for attaching mobile luminaires, often using integrated tracks. Light structures consist of panel elements and are usually suspended from the ceiling. Integrated indirect luminaires produce discreet ambient lighting complemented by luminaires mounted on track.

Light structures

Light structures with indirect light distribution have an axially symmetric light distribution emitted upwards for illuminating the ceiling.

The offset from the wall (a) is recommended as being half the luminaire spacing (d). The luminaire spacing (d) between two neighbouring structures should correspond to the height (h) above the floor or work surface. The distance to the ceiling depends on the level of evenness required on the ceiling. The distance to the ceiling should measure at least 0.8 m for indirect lighting so that an even illumination is ensured.

General lighting in
- offices, medical practices
- pedestrian traffic areas
- additional accent lighting and washlighting with the help of spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers