Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights and recessed wallwashers

Combining spotlights with recessed luminaires

Recessed spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers emit a beam that is directed downwards or to the side. They are offered with narrow-beam, wide-beam, symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. This type of lighting combines the flexibility of spotlights with the discreet appearance of recessed luminaires.

Criteria for recessed spotlights
- choice of luminaire determines lightcolour and light intensity
- emission angle determines the beam of light and is defined by the interchangeable lens
- cut-off angle limits glare and increases visual comfort
- rotatable and tiltable
- recess depth
- size of ceiling aperture
- mounting detail (covered, flush)

Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights and recessed wallwashers

Recessed directional luminaires provide highlighting for individual areas or objects with a narrow to medium light distribution.

Recessed floodlights produce a wide-beam light distribution for washlight illumination of objects in the room or on the wall.

Recessed wallwashers have an asymmetrical beam that is directed onto vertical surfaces. They provide an even illumination for wall surfaces.