Bollard luminaires

Luminaires for pathways and open areas

Bollard luminaires have a deep- or wide-beam characteristic. They are offered with an asymmetric light distribution.

Criteria for luminaires for open area and pathway lighting
- choice of luminaire determines lightcolour and light intensity
- emission angle determines the beam of light and is defined by the interchangeable lens
- optimum beam alignment through adjustment of the lens
- cut-off angle limits glare and increases visual comfort
- luminaires that do not emit light above the horizontal plane comply with Dark Sky standards

Bollard luminaires

Pathway lighting luminaires with asymmetric light distribution provide uniform illumination on pathways. The light is spread in its width so that pathways can be evenly illuminated. Their small shape makes these luminaires suitable for lighting steps.

Light for illuminating open spaces is generated by a Spherolit lens with deep beam option.

Luminaires for open area and pathway lighting are mainly used for illuminating the following:
- facades
- entrance areas
- arcades
- passages
- floor lighting on access driveways, paths and public squares
- orientation lighting on pathways, drives, entrances and steps
- park and garden complexes
As recessed luminaires, these are inconspicuous architectural details.
Free-standing luminaires act as features in the room. Their arrangement should correspond to the surroundings.