Recessed floor luminaires

Diverse light distributions for recessed floor luminaires

Recessed floor luminaires emit their beam upwards. They are offered with narrow-beamed,wide-beamed, symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

Criteria for recessed floor luminaires
- choice of luminaire determines lightcolour and light intensity
- emission angle determines the beam of light and is defined by the interchangeable lens
- cut-off angle limits glare and increases visual comfort
- size of the floor aperture
- Recess depth

Recessed floor luminaires

Uplights feature an upwards directed beam with symmetrical light distribution. The narrow, rotationally symmetrical beam is used for highlighting objects.

Lens wallwashers feature an upwards directed beam with asymmetrical light distribution. They provide an even illumination of walls.

Directional luminaires provide highlighting for individual areas or objects with a medium to narrow light distribution. The beam can be titled.

Grazing light wallwashers at a short offset from the wall most vividly enhance the surface texture, thereby accentuating the materials used.

Accent lighting or floodlighting for
- facades
- entrance areas
- arcades
- passages
- atria
- overhanging or cantilevered roofs
- park and garden complexes

Recessed floor luminaires are inconspicuous architectural details. They should correspond to the architecture in their arrangement and form.