Surface-mounted luminaires

Surface-mounted luminaires with different light distributions

Surface-mounted luminaires are offered with narrow-beam, wide-beam, symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

Criteria for surface-mounted luminaires
- choice of luminaire determines lightcolour and light intensity
- emission angle determines thebeam of light
- cut-off angle or optical cut-off limit glare and increase visual comfort

Surface-mounted luminaires

Downlights are suitable for attractive, uniform and efficient ambient lighting. They are optimally shielded for good visual comfort. In luminaires with lens system this is achieved by a wide optical cut-off or by an equivalent cut-off angle in darklight reflectors.
Luminaires with quite a narrow beam spread are ideal for high rooms, combining good visual comfort with uniform illumination.

Surface-mounted wallwashers with asymmetrical light distribution provide an even illumination of areas or objects.

Directional luminaires provide highlighting for individual areas or objects with a medium to narrow light distribution.