Benrath Castle

Benrath Castle - a late baroque gem on the river Rhine near Düsseldorf. Most recently, the facade has been lit by Tesis recessed floor wallwashers.

The late baroque Benrath Castle, built for Elector Carl Theodor of Pfalz-Sulzbach in the Rhine meadows between 1756 and 1773, is situated in the suburb of Düsseldorf of the same name. Today, it is not just an important cultural monument with a romantic, spacious park and a pond, but also an oasis in urban surroundings. The Castle is superbly maintained and houses three museums.

At night, the castle facade is illuminated by Tesis recessed floor wallwashers. The soft, even illumination of the facade is guaranteed by 24 of these luminaires whose lens wallwasher technology is unique on the exterior luminaire market. The luminaires themselves are discreetly sunk into the floor and provide optimal visual comfort thanks to a high glare control. The use of 35W HIT-CRI high-pressure metal vapour lamps ensures particularly low energy costs and long maintenance cycles.


Schloß Benrath
Benrather Schloßallee 104
40597 Düsseldorf
Tel.: 0211. 89 97 271

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