L'Almoina Archaeological Centre

Recently redesigned, the L'Almoina Archaeological Centre is now fitted with ERCO lighting tools to provide appropriate effects on the tour through various eras of the past.

The museum was designed by the Spanish architect José Maria Herrera Garcia, who created a tour that leads visitors through 2000 years of city history. The glass skylight spanning as a roof over the central hall of the museum is at the same time a water basin that makes for a characteristic feature on the grounds in front of the museum. The design allows a look outside and provides a connection to the various eras of the city of Valencia.

The entire development of the city from Roman times through to the Islamic and Christian Middle Ages is shown on grounds spanning a total of 2,500m². The 5 key eras are presented complete with streets, residental and sacred buildings, public baths, fortifications and burial sites. The connecting element here is the lighting, solved throughout the building using DALI-compatible ERCO spotlights that adapt to the prevalent lighting conditions throughout the day and the requirements of use.

Inside the museum, some 400 Pollux and 200 Stella spotlights along with hundreds of metres of DALI track were integrated into the fabric to provide a cost-efficient and effective solution producing precise light. Motion sensors ensure that power is only used where required.

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