Museo Superior de Bellas Artes Palacio Ferreyra

The Argentine metropolis of Córdoba underlines its high standard of culture with this ambitious museum project. The concept is driven by the lighting: a Light System DALI installation provides optimal lighting conditions.

The palace was acquired by the regional government in 2004 and underwent extensive renovations. The museum now bears the addition of "Evita" in dedication to Eva Peron (1919-1952), the enigmatic wife of the former President. The dimensions of the museum strike visitors from the moment they set foot in the building through its redesigned entrance area. Black, sculptural stairs and ramps cut through the void connecting the different levels and turning visitors into participants in a dramatic scenography.

In terms of design and technology, the museum fares well in comparison with the world's leading museums. In the Palacio Ferreyra, the local architectural firm GGMPU effectively devised the fusion of tradition and future drawing heavily on the "intangible material" of light.

Despite the unusual complexity of this system, it can be conveniently controlled and configured using the Light Studio.

On the catwalk: In the entrance foyer of the museum, visitors become participants in a dramatic scenography of light and space with LED Focalflood facade luminaires.

tune the light
The universal use of Light System DALI in this museum demonstrates one of the central advantages of this technology: it integrates classic lighting tasks in the museum, such as adjustment of illuminances to ensure maximum conservation of the works of art, in a most convenient fashion with all the possibilities of scenographic lighting concepts.
Using a single system, technicians in the museum are able to minimise the work required for operation and maintenance. One of the key aspects of Light System DALI is the systematic and flexible adjustment of illuminances to ensure a reduction in energy consumption - a key step towards achieving efficient visual comfort.

In the galleries, vertical illuminance provided by Quadra wallwashers is combined with accent lighting produced by Optec spotlights mounted on tracks.

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