museum kunst palast, 'Auf Papier' (On Paper) exhibition

In its "Auf Papier" (On Paper) exhibition, Düsseldorf's "museum kunst palast" (Art Palace Museum) presents rarely shown hand drawings from 5 centuries - attractively illuminated by ERCO LED spotlights that ensure optimal protection of the exhibits.

The assemblage of these selected, valuable exhibits in the Palace wing is evidence of the significance of Düsseldorf's collection of drawings. The works are very delicate since century-old pigments and materials such as paper and parchment shun light, touch and humidity. Right down to the lighting, the special precautions taken are thus geared to preserving these treasures.

"Auf Papier" is the first exhibition of the museum since 1913 that provides a large-scale, comprehensive exhibition of 365 drawings owned by the city and by the Arts Academy in Düsseldorf. The works introduced were created by Italian, French, German and Dutch artists of the 15th to 20th century.