NORVEG Cultural Centre and Coastal Museum

For thousands of years, people have dwelt in the far north of Europe, living on and from the coast. A superbly illuminated museum and cultural centre at Rørvik (Norway) is now dedicated to this topic.

The harbour town of Rørvik lies in the skerry region of Vikna far up in the north of Norway. Though not large, it is rich in tradition: for thousands of years, people have dwelt on this landscape, living from and with the coast. Today, Rørvik is gaining significance as an administrative town and as the crossing point of the northbound and southbound postal shipping line "Hurtigruten". It was therefore selected as an ideal location for building the NORVEG – a cultural centre and museum of coastal life. The new building by the architect Gudmundur Jonsson is situated directly by the water. Opened in 2004, its sail-form roof surfaces take up the theme of the maritime location and seafaring tradition.

Northern Lights: this translates into extreme seasonal differences in the lengths of days and nights, particularly hard, dark winters and long periods of dusk and dawn. The architecture responds to these conditions with sophisticated lighting which plays a prominent roll in the overall concept. On the metal-clad roof surfaces at night, Beamer projectors conjure up a lively, emotive pattern of light, whose form is reminiscent of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Projector mounting is facilitated by robust system accessories with masts and cantilever arms in matching design.

In the spacious foyer, the inside surfaces of the roof sails are also illuminated by beams of light. This task is performed by Quadra directional luminaires each with 2x QT12 100W low-voltage halogen lamps. These powerful lighting tools are equally capable of placing brilliant lighting accents on the restaurant tables or objects in the room from positions high overhead.

The designers used ERCO products not only for adding scenic lighting to the sail-form roof surfaces but also for the functional lighting all round the building. Examples include the Panorama bollard luminaires for marking the access platform, and Cylinder facade luminaires for lending structure to the building’s surroundings and facades using light.

Norveg - senter for kystkultur og kystnæring
N-7900 Rørvik

Tel.: +47 74 39 04 41
Fax: +47 74 39 22 72

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