EuroShop 2017, Düsseldorf

EuroShop 2017: Light adds emotion to retail

Lighting concepts in a retail context intend to stir emotions using evocative light scenes to set off new fashion collections or vehicles, the latest book releases at a fair, or fresh delicatessen. But which lighting tools give the designer flexibility to execute projects of any scale and complexity? At the EuroShop 2017 the ERCO booth will focus on ERCO lighting technology based on in-house developed LED photometrics, offering a cohesive toolbox of modular lighting tools for stunningly expressive concepts. To demonstrate their creative potential at EuroShop, ERCO will give three-dimensional expression to its range of light distributions.

From 5 to 9 March 2017, ERCO will present its expertise in shop lighting with LED technology at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf. The accent will be on light as not just a medium used to facilitate orientation in shops and ensure good product visibility, but a core part of product displays designed to produce an emotional response. ERCO offers a comprehensive range of highly advanced and coherently configured lighting tools that offer the scope to create the required emotive setting. Interchangeable light distributions enable hugely diverse lighting concepts.

Storytelling with light distributions
The booth centres around a mock-up area with an abstract wall design reminiscent of various shop displays. A progressive sequence of light scenes creates different moods to demonstrate the diversity of design options for a shop concept based on the modular system of ERCO lighting tools. In the space around the mock-up section, the products and technologies used in these scenes are presented on the basis of the ERCO light distributions. Seven presentation tables illustrate the spread of different light beams emitted by the spotlights mounted above them. Their beams are visualised using large filigree sculptures made of yellow polymer sections that are reminiscent of 3D drawings. This approach is used across the booth to showcase the full range of ERCO light distributions, from narrow spot to wide flood and wallwash. A key focal point of ERCO innovations in 2017 is the extra wide flood light distribution with a beam angle of over 80°, making it ideal for efficient and uniform ambient illumination in a shop.

Compact spotlights for eye-catching presentations
Suitable lighting tools for a shop setting are displayed under the sculptural light beams on the product tables and include ERCO innovations launched on 1 January 2017. Gimbal spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers with a gimbal suspension are compact and easy to adjust with pinpoint precision. Oseris spotlights are a brilliant concept with a uniquely characteristic semi-spherical hinge that adds a pivotal feature to shop settings requiring design excellence.

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