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ERCO New Products 2016

ERCO digital lighting tools reflect our immense and genuine passion for innovative ­technology driven by extensive experience with perception-orientated lighting.

Redesigned consistently, from light generation and light guidance through to light control, our specialised LED optical systems form the foundation for a ­hugely creative usage in architectural lighting design, new applications for downlights and the efficient operation of ERCO lighting tools. It’s out now! ERCO launches the latest generation of digital lighting tools. Be it for energy-efficient illumination in administration and educational buildings or for optimised visual comfort in the office, for the effective presentation of objects in the shop and museum or a unique ambience in the restaurant – our innovative products offer a diversity of features designed to simplify and enhance the planning process.

The system solution for excellent visual comfort
Quintessence: Large luminaire spacing, high uniformity and excellent visual comfort. Quintessence recessed luminaires, available in round and square versions, set new standards in their category: The high-performance range, consisting of downlights, lens wallwashers and directional luminaires, meets superior standards of visual comfort and efficiency whilst delivering optimal light quality for a multitude of visual tasks. The new optical systems of the downlights and lens wallwashers produce superb uniformity whilst ensuring excellent glare control. With an emission angle of 90° and a 40° cut-off, Quintessence downlights meet the challenges of illuminating large areas masterfully – ­offering uniform and efficient ­ambient lighting with large luminaire spac­ing and high cylindrical illuminance. ERCO control gear guarantees consistent dimming characteristics of these lighting tools and can be dimmed down to 1%. The shallow recess depth allows ­Quintessence units to be used flexibly in different spatial situations.

Quintessence [double-focus=5746]

Quintessence double-focus

The lighting tool for perfectly glare-free light from the ceiling
Quintessence double-focus downlights are designed with a relatively narrow light distribution for use in rooms with high ceilings. An optical system consisting of collimating and Spherolit lenses projects
the light precisely onto the target surface, whilst the black anti-glare cone minimises luminance when looking directly into the luminaire, making Quintessence double-focus downlights an incredibly efficient
lighting solution in areas with high ceilings. Used in low rooms, the result is concentrated ambient lighting with efficient glare control. For the same degree of glarefree visual comfort in inclined ceilings,
the recessed version can be tilted up to 30°. In auditoriums such as cinemas, theatres and concert halls, ERCO control gear guarantees consistent dimming characteristics of the luminaires, with continuous dimming down to 1%.

The system solution for excellent visual comfort
The surface-mounted luminaire for uniform light with large luminaire spacing. As a surface-mounted version, Quintessence becomes an aesthetic architectural feature with the photometric properties of a downlight. Designed as a ­pendant luminaire, the height of the light source can be adjusted individually in relation to the architecture and its use. In sacred ­places, for example, directed light creates a contemplative ­atmosphere. Styled with simplicity in mind, ­Quintessence adds visual accents in historic as well as modern architecture. Following the system design of its range, surface-mounted luminaires offer the same sizes and lumen packages as recessed downlights. With an emission angle of 90° and a 40° cut-off, Quintessence meets the challenges of efficient ambient lighting masterfully whilst achieving high cylindrical illuminance. Its exceptionally wide beam enables large luminaire spacing with ­highly uniform illuminance distribution – and excellent glare control.

Minimalism in the system
Individually adjustable recessed spotlight with differentiated light distributions. With the Cantax recessed lumi­naire, ERCO has added a new version to this successful range of track spotlights. Clear lines, brilliant light and precise light distributions set this luminaire apart as the ideal lighting tool for shops and museums. In high and low rooms, different sizes and shallow recess depths facilitate the integration into the ceiling. Thanks to the tiltable and rotatable lumi­naire head, the recessed spotlight can be adjusted individually. The highly efficient system consisting of collimating and interchangeable Spherolit lenses provides the designer with a wide variety of light distributions – be it for precise accent lighting using narrow spot, the washlighting of horizontal product displays with oval flood or the uniform illumination of shelves using wallwashing.

A new model for digital working light
Innovative design for productive working. Light for thinking, light for concentrated working, light for crea­tive concepts – with Lucy ERCO delivers professional LED ­lighting technology to any workplace, such as libraries, offices or the home. The minimised solution with the stylish design ensures flexible deployment and intuitive operation. For permanent installation at workplaces in public buildings, the luminaire can be mounted flush with the desktop. As with its pedestal counterpart, the luminaire head can be rotated by 180° and adjusted individually. The integral optical system is protected inside the luminaire, thereby guaranteeing glare-free light with high visual comfort. Opera­ted with an on/off dimmer switch, Lucy can be dimmed down continuously to 1%.

Cantax [spotlights=3018]

Cantax spotlights

Small size for Cantax spotlights
The new square luminaire head with a width of 92mm now adds a compact lighting tool to the Cantax spotlight range. Different light distributions – ranging from spot through to oval flood and wallwash – enable perception-­orientated lighting concepts in shops, the hospitality sector or the home.

Maximum visual ­comfort for big tasks
High luminous flux and maximum visual comfort for lighting tasks in the outdoor area. Kona is great for the illumination of large buildings or objects. Its round tapered housing ensures maximum visual comfort with excellent glare control. The lumi­naire is available in three sizes with a wide range of light distributions – from accented ­lighting at a great distance using ­narrow spot Spherolit lenses to wide flood and oval flood distribution operations all the way through to homogeneous washlighting with ­wallwash lens. High luminous flux ­packages define Kona as the perfect lighting tool for great projection distances and allow the lumi­naires to be spaced far apart. With its round shape, Kona can be used ­flexibly in different ­spatial situations and architectural ­formats. Maintenance-free optoelectronics are designed for a long life and help reduce the operating costs whilst enabling operation in mounting locations with challenging access. Kona offers a weather-­resistant housing and a rotatable and tiltable mounting plate that can be aligned precisely. An extensive range of mounting hardware means that the luminaire can be installed effortlessly in different outdoor applications. The inte­grated control gear and a moisture-proof terminal compartment allow for easy commissioning.

The magic of light
A lighting tool for pathways and squares. The Castor bollard luminaire in the outdoor area creates a visual link between pathways and squares: Two light distributions and two sizes enable differentiated lighting design using a single range of luminaires. An innovative ­optical system with a ring-shaped lens spreads the light 180° onto pathway or, alternatively, a full 360° for open areas. In both applications, the photometrics in Castor are designed to produce uniform illumination. The luminaires can be spaced up to 10m apart, without compromising on the glare control. The ERCO Dark Sky technology prevents light from being emitted above the horizontal plane. The light source is ­discreetly hidden to ensure a good view for passers-by and drivers.

Quintessence [recessed luminaires=6231]

Quintessence recessed luminaires

The system solution for excellent visual comfort
High visual comfort and optimum light quality – in the ­outdoor area. With a protection rating of IP65, Quintessence recessed luminaires now take the visual comfort and the light quality of downlights, wallwashers and ­directional lumi­naires into the outdoor area. The new optical systems of the down­lights and wallwashers achieve high uniformity with good glare control, making them superb for extensive illumination in large areas. The exceptionally wide light distribution of the downlights with a 90° emission angle and a 40° cut-off produces highly uniform and glare-free light, with luminaires that are spaced far apart. For precise accentuation, the optical system of the directional luminaires can be tilted and rotated through 360°. The high rating makes ­Quintessence recessed luminaires the efficient ­lighting tool for perception-­orientated lighting concepts in outdoor areas with canopies and for indoor applications that call for a high degree of protection against moisture and dust.

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