ERCO new products 2018

Our aspiration to improve the effect of rooms and their quality of stay with light is demonstrated by the new ERCO product spectrum 2018.

Our innovations once again provide lighting designers with diverse options for creating highly qualitative surroundings and simultaneously handling resources in a caring way. We have summarized the most important new products and features for you here.

Powerhouse for linear aesthetics:
Differentiated light from the ceiling with innovative design

The Compar recessed luminaire system aims to also provide highly nuanced lighting in projects with many different functional and utilization areas: In large office buildings for example, situations such as prestigious foyers, elevator lobbies, circulation corridors or company restaurants need different light to auditoriums, meeting rooms or group offices. Installing Compar brings advantages such as the holistic linear appearance of the narrow luminaire profile and the uniform technical basis. The system also offers diverse light distributions, efficiency levels and design details, offering suitable lighting tools for any situation. The result is economical, creative lighting design based on reliable planning and cost-efficient operation.

Compact performance with a charming twist:
Oseris spotlights from ERCO

In the ERCO spotlight ranges, the new Oseris luminaires are more than just a formal variation – only Oseris features a characteristic pivoting hinge that integrates as a section into the semi-spherical form of the luminaire unit. This not only looks good but provides functional benefits. The digital lighting technology of Oseris utilizes the high standard of the ERCO system of luminaires with its diverse efficiency levels and light distributions, providing ideal solutions for creative lighting designers and users.

New accessories for maximum visual comfort

New accessories for all current ERCO spotlights are now available to meet specific glareprotection challenges, such as in museums, and also in stores and public buildings. The cross and honeycomb louvers provide maximum visual comfort, can be mounted without tools and are available in 4 sizes. The cross louvers are available with a black, white or silver cylinder to match the color of the spotlight.

The casing for all spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers for track is available in three colors

The stringent logic of the ERCO luminaire system is a decided advantage for designers and operators. In the spotlight, floodlight and wallwasher sector we have taken a further step towards integrated system logic: all our products are now available in the three ERCO standard colors of white (RAL 9002), black (RAL 9011) and silver (RAL 9006), to fit perfectly into any style of architecture. Metal surfaces are usually coated in an environmentally friendly, sturdy powder coating. Black and silver luminaire casing is combined with black track adapters, white luminaire casing with white adapters.

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