EuroShop 2017, Düsseldorf

Lighting concepts in a retail context intend to stir emotions using evocative light scenes to set off new fashion collections or vehicles, the latest book releases at a fair, or fresh delicatessen. But which lighting tools give the designer flexibility to execute projects of any scale and complexity? At the 50th EuroShop the ERCO booth will focus on ERCO lighting technology based on in-house developed LED photometrics, offering a cohesive toolbox of modular lighting tools for stunningly expressive concepts. To demonstrate their creative potential at EuroShop, ERCO will give three-dimensional expression to its range of light distributions.


Youfresh bistro, Berlin

Amid familiar fast food giants at the Mall of Berlin is a small but stylish shop that sets itself apart with baskets of fruit and vegetables pointing to a wide choice of freshly made snacks, juices and salads. pea green and white dominate its logo and interior in a concept designed to communicate, in response to the current food trend, that healthy fast food is not a myth. For added appeal, the wide selection of vitamin-packed goodness is illuminated by flexible ERCO lighting tools designed to create a warm and inviting ambience in a compact setting.


"Matthew Penn - Illuminating Characters" travelling exhibition, Barcelona

The penetrating life-look that fixates visitors from the darkness of the wall-mount could be unsettling in its intensity, yet it is only upon much closer observation of this over-sized portrait that it becomes clear that the artwork is not a photograph but rather an oil painting. The almost sculptural effect of the hyper-realistic artwork of Matthew Penn is the pinnacle of complete perfection in the Chiaroscuro style, which naturally works with dramatic contrasts between light and dark, helped, with excellent effect, by the precision accentuation delivered by ERCO spotlights. Matthew Penn is now proud, as is ERCO, that these exhibits are to be showcased at an event in the historic rooms of the Palau Robert in Barcelona from 23 September – 9 October 2016.


Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney

Handling close to 40 million passengers each year, Kingsford Smith International Airport is Australia’s largest and busiest hub. Terminal 1 was opened in 1970 and, due to the international flights, is considered the gateway to the world. After extensive refurbishment focused primarily on the security control point as well as the retail and departure area at its far side, the terminal has been shining in a new light since autumn 2015. Its transformation is owed in no small part to ERCO. The Lüdenscheid Light Factory supplied the Skim downlights that now illuminate this section of the terminal with brilliantly efficient ambient lighting.


Fiorital delicatessen, Padua

ERCO lighting tools illuminate an exclusive delicatessen store with restaurant: Premium seafood distributor Fiorital recently opened an exclusive establishment in a prime location at the heart of Italy’s northern city of Padua, offering fresh and frozen fish and fine food from around the world in an elaborately designed space of 400m2. The appetising array of carefully selected foods and products is presented in cabinets and shelving, on tables and counters, effectively illuminated with crystal clear ERCO LED light.