Ernst-August-Carree / Brasserie Bruxelles

Projectors attached to the eaves make for fascinating light effects in the courtyard of the Ernst August Carrée in Hanover.

The former railway administration building in Hanover, a magnificent example of late 19th century architecture located close to the railway station, is blossoming into a chic address for boutiques and restaurants. A filigree glass and steel roof covers the inner courtyard. This affords protection from the elements and allows the 'Brasserie Bruxelles' restaurant to use it as the setting for its Mediterranean terrace.

Light is a constituent part of the design of the courtyard. One of the components used is the ERCO Beamer projector. Shining from the eaves of the façade, they place steep lighting accents on the courtyard surface - an effect also known as 'Moonlighting'.

Sturdy olive trees and palms add unusual flair to the courtyard. Tesis recessed floor luminaires discretely illuminate the trees and create an almost magical lighting effect. The use of metal halide lamps ensures the natural coloration of the trees is maintained while giving extremely economical operation.


30159 Hannover

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