Nordic Light Hotel

Scenographic light is at the centre of attention at the Nordic Light Hotel: as a dynamic lighting effect in the foyer - and as individual light scenes in the hotel rooms.

The design concept of the Nordic Light Hotel features a look that changes with the seasons. Light, being an easily adjustable medium, therefore takes on a central role here. Light scenes with slow and soft transitions interpret the diffuse light of these latitudes, while brilliant effects and projections are evocative of phenomenon such as the Northern Lights. The hotel rounds off its health and relaxation facilities with special photo-therapeutic treatments: insipid infrared light is held to increase blood circulation and make the skin soft and smooth. To combat winter depression, guests can lie for half an hour under a mobile 10,000-lux light system, which promotes melatonin production.

Lightcast downlights for low-voltage halogen lamps accentuate the reception in the lobby with brilliant light. Their shielded Darklight reflectors ensure optimum visual comfort for hotel guests and staff alike.

The patterns of light projected from Pollux spotlights are a particularly eye-catching feature for guests as they enter. "Tune the light" in this context means satisfying the requirement for seasonally changing motifs in user-friendly fashion by simply replacing the gobos or colour filters.

Good relaxation is not only ensured by the high quality furnishings and fittings but also by user-friendly lighting. Hotel guests can creatively make their own light colours and lighting atmosphere. The Pollux spotlight with protection lens allows gobos, ribbed lenses and colour filters to be easily combined, thus enabling fascinating lighting effects to be created. One spotlight adds an accent above head level as an eye-catcher, the other is aimed at the white curtain, thereby producing the vertical illuminance which is so important for a bright spatial impression.

The indoor lighting concept also defines the hotel’s outdoor appearance at night. The pattern of light projected onto the curtains from inside makes the windows appear like pictures on the facade, at the same time giving the Nordic Light Hotel a striking, dynamic and boldly coloured identity - an original example of corporate lighting.

Nordic Light Hotel
Vasaplan 7, Box 884
10137 Stockholm

Tel.: +46 8 50 56 30 00
Fax: +46 8 50 56 30 30

Rolf Löfvenberg, Stockholm

Lighting design:
Kai Piippo, Ljusarkitektur, Stockholm

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