Restaurant Guillaume at Bennelong, Sydney Opera

Underneath the roof sails of the Sydney Opera House designed by Jørn Utzon, the "Guillaume at Bennelong" restaurant presents the finest French cuisine in a perfect lighting atmosphere - thanks to the Light System DALI.

Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the Opera House is probably not only the most famous building in Australia but underneath its sail-like roof shells made of concrete, it also houses one of the best restaurants on this continent. Here, opera guests, tourists, businessmen and -women, and connoisseurs can enjoy the fine French cuisine in a unique ambience - now shown in an appropriate light thanks to a new ERCO Light System DALI.

The unusual lighting solution with DALI technology uses Optec spotlights for low-voltage halogen lamps as Light Clients. These are fitted in clusters to free-standing, slim poles in the room and meticulously focused onto the positions of the individual tables. The aim is to provide glare-free light for the table surfaces using the true-colour, brilliant light of halogen lamps to ensure that the guests can enjoy their food and drinks and the decoration with all of their senses.

The Light System DALI is used to influence the restaurant lighting in two scenographic dimensions: firstly, space - by selecting scenes for different table configurations with the click of a button; and secondly, time - by using a timer to adjust the lighting level automatically to the lighting conditions outside the room, which is bordered only by large panorama panes. Using DALI, each Light Client can be addressed individually. This means that despite the different distances between the spots and the tables, the illuminances can be adjusted such as to be even - and that conveniently from a laptop, using the integrated Light Studio software.

Guillaume at Bennelong Restaurant

Sydney Opera House
Bennelong Point
Sydney NSW 2000

Restaurant contact:
T: +61 (0)2 9241 1999
F: +61 (0)2 9241 4477
Email: enquiries(at)

Architect of the Opera House (1957-1973):
Jørn Utzon

Architect of the restaurant refurbishment (2001):
Dale Jones-Evans, Surry Hills, NSW

Lighting design: Barry Webb Design, Sydney; Barry Webb, Matt Tindale

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