Private residence in Berlin

Tucked away between old trees and villas in the southwest of Berlin, an unusual home has been built – scenically lit by ERCO lighting tools both inside and out.

The young Berlin architects Ulrich Hamann and Ingo Pott designed and built an individual home for a family of four. The house features an unusual spatial concept, rigorously pursued throughout and implemented with high attention to detail. It occupies a long and narrow plot at the garden end of a villa site in Lichterfelde. The plan view is rather restrained when compared with the side elevation, which rises dramatically between the two gable-like sidewalls. Whereas the entrance is a partially souterrain design, the centre of the house is formed by a free-standing open fire.

A narrow pathway leads to the house past the existing buildings. Vertical window panels divide up the facade; the chimney lies right in the line of vision when looking down the pathway. The driveway is illuminated by Lightmark bollard luminaires efficiently and without glare.

The entire building structure is covered with patinated copper sheet. Whereas, in the daytime these dark, matt surfaces and the reflections on the window planes allow the house to blend in inconspicuously with its park-like surroundings, at night the light shining through the glass conveys warmth and comfort.

The living space makes use of the full width and height of the house over several levels. Stairs and galleries form an emotive spatial continuum. Attention to detail and high quality materials such as travertine floors give the conceptual architecture a reassuring solidity. ERCO halogen downlights and wallwashers provide the lighting for the wall elements, which are used as storage space. Individual Gimbal recessed directional luminaires allow highlighting to be specifically aimed at items of furniture or other objects.

Start of design phase: Autumn 2002
Completion: April 2005

Additional information:

HamannPott Architekten
Linienstraße 144
10115 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 28 04 72 07
Fax: +49 (0) 30 28 04 72 08


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