Indre Quay

The Norwegian coastal town of Haugesund near Stavanger has given itself a makeover with a redesigned water front - the lighting effects are provided by ERCO.

Haugesund is situated in the straits of Karmsund - a strategically important place even at the time of the Vikings. Located between two road bridges leading to districts on the islands in the sound, we find the Indre Quay, the water front of Haugesund: here, tourists and visitors from the large catchment area of the town visit restaurants and pubs, or enjoy the annual Jazz festival Sildajazz, which draws some 50,000 visitors to Haugesund. With new buildings and structures, including a four-star hotel and an open-air stage, and a new lighting concept, Haugesund now shows off its glamorous side with attractive effects.

The stately homes along the harbour front of the Indre Quay have all been provided with Beamer spotlights, which cast beams of grazing light onto the facades to give them an attractive nocturnal appearance. Metal halide lamps as illuminants keep the operating and maintenance costs pleasantly low.

To light up the two bridges with maximum effect, the designers once again opted for Beamer spotlights with filters in nightblue colour, which are protected in the integrated filter clamp inside the housing.

The Maritim Utescene open-air stage, which is also located on the Indre Quay, has provided the little harbour town with an attractive infrastructure for open-air events for up to 10,000 guests - such as for the Jazz festival.

The operator is the Maritim Hotel right next to it. To ensure that the striking, white-clad fly towers directly on the quay wall are a spectacle to behold even on nights without event, the designers installed scenographic lighting using DALI technology from ERCO.

The fly towers are illuminated by 16 Grasshopper LED varychrome spotlights controlled by a Light System DALI installation, which provide the most fascinating effects with minimal energy consumption.

Indre Quay, Haugesund (Norway)

Photo: Thomas Mayer, Neuss

Architect: Smedsvig Landskapsarkitekter AS, Bergen
Electrical planning: Multiconsult AS, Nesttun;
Cowi AS, Haugesund
Electrical fitter: Jatec AS, Haugesund

Maritim Utescene, Haugesund

Photo: Thomas Mayer, Neuss

Architect: Opus Arkitekter,
Electrical planni: Cowi AS,

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