Diesel - the creative, Italian jeans and sportswear brand - is expanding globally with its own stores in top locations. The shop’s unique furnishings and decorative objects come from the flea market - the light comes from ERCO.

Diesel Jeans, casual wear and accessories from the unconventional fashion house set up around the company founder Renzo Rosso are now available in over 80 countries. Creativity and very well organised sales and marketing contribute to the international success of the Italian fashion brand.

Eclecticism is part of the brand image of these retail outlets. Diesel combines recurrent features with individual pieces so that no two stores are ever the same. The merchandise displays and the lighting concept are both included in the global standard for the Diesel corporate design.

For the highly specific interior design, a separate team of buyers scours second-hand shops and flea markets in order to complement the architecture with decorative furniture in that "vintage look."

The Gimbal directional luminaires have proven themselves in countless branches around the world. These directional luminaires can be used for horizontal lighting like downlights and also - appropriately aimed - for illuminating vertical surfaces and objects located anywhere. Cradled in their cardanic suspension lying in the plane of the ceiling, Gimbal directional luminaires allow the luminaire to be tilted in any direction to up to 40° from the vertical. Metal halide lamps emit brilliant light; they are characterised by their very good colour rendition and economy, making them indispensable for shop lighting.

The vertical illumination of wall-displays creates an open spatial impression.

In addition to the Gimbal directional luminaires, linear wallwashers form a second element of Diesel’s lighting concept. The use of economical fluorescent lamps makes these perimeter luminaires especially suitable for general lighting of walls in sales areas.


Typical for every Diesel shop is the "Jeans Wall". The luminaire arrangement here follows the slightly curved rear wall. At this particular point, the high vertical illuminance draws attention well and provides a bright spatial impression. Gimbal directional luminaires excellently accentuate the textures and colours of the jeans collections.

The eclectic concept for the interior is also continued in the lighting with individual decorative luminaires. The chandelier from the flea market is not so much intended to provide lighting as to serve as a lighting object. It contributes to the aesthetic effect of the interior and, as "scenic lighting," lends the room life and atmosphere. The "ambient lighting" is provided by the downlights. Discreetly integrated in the ceiling, the actual lamps remain hidden, yet, at the same time, they highlight the Jeans Wall with brilliant light.

Filters integrated in the luminaires produce additional, coloured accents. The anti-glare attachment with cross baffle (known as a 'snoot') forms the lamp cover and improves the luminaire’s visual comfort.

In the shop window area, the light of the Stella spotlight draws the attention of passers-by. The flexibility in arranging and aiming the track-mounted spotlights enables theatrical style effects to be created for the frequently changing shop window displays.

The image material originates from the following Diesel shops:

London Kings Road
72 Kings Road, Chelsea
London, Great Britain

via Cal Maggiore, 57
31100 Treviso, Italy

Kasernenstrasse 1
40213 Düsseldorf, Germany

For comprehensive information on the Diesel brand and location of stores, please go to:

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