'Dinamica' BMW MINI dealership

Transparency and technology: the lighting architecture of the new BMW and MINI dealership in Brescia conveys the contents and values of the represented marques.

The Italian and German mentalities converge in their affection for the automobile. A BMW "bella macchina" from "Monaco" is always worth a second glimpse for the enthusiast. The newly opened dealership for the BMW and Mini brands on the outskirts of the north-Italian city of Brescia therefore attracts a wealth of clientele and interested visitors. The architecture is generously proportioned and transparent, and its technical aesthetics are very fitting for the marques on display. Space and lighting combine to offer a high experiential quality.

The dealership’s additional range of services is grouped around the central, glass-fronted showroom: sales advice for new and used vehicles, sale of spare parts and repair counter.

The BMW group is known for the precise guidelines of its salerooms. In association with inspired architects and lighting designers, these were translated into an extremely high quality and consistent environment for presenting the two makes of car.

Transparency as a theme: in this architecture, the indoor and outdoor areas blend into each other, making a holistic lighting concept an absolute must. A row of Tesis adjustable uplights for metal halide lamps outlines the contour of the building and illuminates the awning‘s aluminium panelling.

The showroom’s glare-free general lighting is provided by Parabelle pendant downlights for 150W HIT-CE metal halide lamps.

Additional Quinta spotlights provide brilliant highlights on chrome, glass and paintwork. Suspended Hi-trac structures, also equipped with Quinta spotlights, additionally emphasise the presentation areas. Metal halide lamps have also proven themselves as powerful and economical light sources in this application area.

To simulate and analyse the lighting concept, the designers used the virtual luminaires offered by ERCO in Light Scout, incorporating them in a three-dimensional computer model of the architecture.

This enabled the optimum luminaire positions and lighting levels for different architectural zones and features to be determined in an early design phase.

Direct comparison between the design phase simulation and the photographs of the real project reveals just how expressive and realistic today’s simulation and visualisation techniques can be.


Dinamica S.p.A.
via Breve 1
25135 Brescia
Tel. +39 030/3696011
Fax +39 030/3696020


Lighting designers:

Piero Comparotto Illuminazione s.r.l.
Via Molise, 6
I - 37138 Verona
fon +39 045 810 3615
fax +39 045 810 3519

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