La Boquería market arcades

"La Boquería" market, only a few paces away from the Ramblas, Barcelona's prime boulevard, originated in the early 19th century. It grew and developed via many stages into its present form with its Art Nouveau portal and roof covering. Today, as ever, La Boquería is a rendezvous and shopping venue for the catering trade and gourmets, for locals and tourists. The variety and quality of goods together with the atmosphere make La Boquería into what is probably one of the most beautiful markets of all.

The arcades running around the covered square are the market’s oldest architectural component. In the course of the continuous upkeep of this architectural monument, the vaulted ceilings were restored and re-plastered, while elsewhere the existing wood joist ceilings were meticulously repaired. A new lighting concept with a uniform character gives an idea of the original effect of the arcades; whereby, Parscoop luminaires are wall-mounted to act as ceiling washlights. With their IP 65 rating, both lamp and reflector are effectively protected against ingress of dust and dirt.

Whereas in the zones with plastered vaults sufficient illuminances can be attained on the working plane with the basic set up of 70W HIT, in those areas with wood joist ceilings the washlights are equipped with 150W HIT in order to fulfil the twin task of lifting these beautiful, antique ceilings out of the darkness and of obtaining sufficient brightness on the ground despite the ceiling’s low reflectance.

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