Victorinox flagship store London

An extensive product world all about the world-famous penknife with the Swiss cross on its red handle has now been created in the Victorinox flagship store in London with the clever use of light and materials.

The various product groups are presented on several floors, ranging from functional clothing and watches, luggage and perfume through to domestic and professional knives - all you need to survive in the urban jungle. A glass display column standing over ten metres high acts as a linking element between the sales floors. This effect is augmented by the stairway's natural stone wall which is scenically lit with grazing light.

On the building's basement level, customers can become product designers. Here, an interactive penknife configurator allows the customers to enter specific user requirements to configure their own penknife for their particular needs.

Whereas the designers opted for track-mounted Cantax spotlights in the storefront, in the showrooms they selected Compar recessed spotlights for metal halide lamps mounted in ceiling channels. Their light provides a tidy, business-like atmosphere and sets clear accents on the product presentation. Grasshopper projectors accentuate the building's historical facade.

New Bond Street 95/96,
London W1S 1DB
Great Britain

Architect: Retailpartners AG, Daniel Wettstein, Wetzikon (CH)

Lighting design: Neuco AG, Thomas Lack, Zurich

Sales area: > 500sqm
Opened: 7th of November 2008

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