Vin Contoret

The company premises of the wine importer are nestled in a landscape made of gardens, meadows and stretches of water that turn into a riveting backdrop of light, shadows and reflections at night - with outdoor luminaires from ERCO.

As recently as in the early 19th century, the picturesque company premises of the wine and spirits importer Vin Contoret on the island of Vulcanön in the Swedish river Tidan were still used as the headquarters of the biggest manufacturer of matches. The huge expansion of this and other sectors of the industry led to the locality of Tidaholm receiving its town charter in 1910.

The former industrial district with its renovated buildings is surrounded by an idyllic scenery of landing stages, bridges, waterfronts, gardens and former residential houses. Today, these are used as a venue for events, as museums, schools and business premises.
The locality has fundamentally changed its appearance and has become a local recreation area with restaurants and cultural facilities.

The water cascading over the weirs is effectively lit by downward facing Beamer spotlights for low-voltage halogen lamps QT12/50W mounted on the bridges.

For imposing effect of the scenery, the designers counted on the wide range of ERCO outdoor luminaires:
from Tesis in-ground luminaires for illumination of the old trees to Panorama bollard luminaires for open-area lighting and LED orientation luminaires for safe, maintenance-free light on the stairs, the designers trusted in ERCO lighting tools.

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