GIRA Building extension

The offices of Ingenhoven Overdiek & Partner have built an administration and production building for GIRA in Radevormwald featuring state-of-the-art building technology and lighting from ERCO.

GIRA is a leading enterprise in the field of building technology and electrical installation. It is not only the elegant design of the new construction that impresses, but also the unusual crossed arrangement of production and administration units - not to mention the logically consistent use of intelligent building technology.

The architects designed two adjacent solidiums connected by glazed stairways. The supporting framework spans about 20 metres. On the upper floor, this gives spacious, pillar-free office areas, while the ground floors accommodate the production area for injection moulded plastic parts.

The production areas on the ground floor are illuminated by Parabelle pendant luminaires. These are characterised by their unusually high visual comfort thanks to good glare control. They are equipped with 70W metal halide lamps and electronic control gear, and as such ensure highly efficient lighting with extremely long maintenance cycles.

Alongside a whole series of further ERCO products used in the building, above and beyond those mentioned, it is the illuminated safety signs from ERCO that are particularly noticeable. Depending on the particular architectural situation, these are mounted in the ceiling or bracketed onto the wall.

The ERCO safety signs and directive luminaires are fitted with T16/4W fluorescent lamps. The escape route signs from the well-known pictogram system developed by Otl Aicher are displayed on a clear acrylic plate with an aluminium frame.

Project: Production and office building of the GIRA company in Radevormwald, Germany

Opened: Autumn 2002
Length: approx. 70 m
Width: approx. 50 m
Span of support framework: 20 m

Architects: Ingenhoven Overdiek und Partner, Düsseldorf

Lighting design: Werning Tropp Schmidt, Feldafing

ERCO products:
Downlights (fluorescent lamps, 32W)
Downlights (metal halide lamps, 70W)
Parabelle pendant downlights (metal halide lamps, 70W)
Safety signs and directive luminaires
Various interior luminaires

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