Leonardo Glass Cube

Leonardo is known for its glassware and gifts. At its established location, the company built itself a communication centre whose spectacular architecture has since attracted much attention.

Leonardo Glass Cube
Leonardo Glass Cube

This innovative piece of corporate architecture was devised by the Wiesbaden-based design office 3dluxe for whom this was its first permanent building project. The team had formed in Wiesbaden in 1992 and developed its own organically inspired use of forms whose character defining design elements dominate the architecture of the Glass Cube.

In the building measuring 40x40m in edge length, customers, visitors and staff of the company are welcomed by a brand world that includes showrooms and a training room section as well as the "Design Lab" for product development and a bar. The building structure consists mainly of two contrasting elements: the cuboid envelope and a free form of undulating white walls inside the building.

Leonardo Glass Cube
Leonardo Glass Cube

Lightcast lens wallwashers provide uniform wallwashing inside the Cube. The organic forms consisting of seamlessly glued plastic are accentuated by Lightcast downlights. Product presentations are illuminated by light from Gimbal and Quadra directional luminaires.

In terms of lighting inside the Cube, the designers used their vast experience gained in event and trade fair projects and provided the glass facade with delicate, fine structures that continually reinterpret the incident daylight. With white being the predominant colour, the lighting lives on the rich contrasts of light and shadow produced by varioius Lightcast products.

Industriestraße 23
D-33014 Bad Driburg

+49 (0) 52 53. 86-0


Start of construction: April 2004
Opening: 24 May 2007
Cost: 8 million euros
Inside area: 2,800sqm
Outside area: 5,600sqm
Total height of building: 11m - above-ground: 7m
Height of glass panes: 6m, width: 2m

Both levels connected by a lift and stairs
Support-free glass facade along a width of 36m per side
3 "genetics" inside: 6m-high sculptural 3D connecting elements of the building zones

Architect: 3deluxe architects

Lighting design: Atelier Schiefer, Leverkusen

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