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Digital light for offices

Be it in international law firms or in the creative environment of an architectural office: A focused work environment with good visual comfort is key to bringing out the best in every employee. Perception-orientated lighting with glare-free lighting tools helps to create atmosphere in the office, while producing a homogeneous overall appearance for the company. The consistent system design and flexible lens technology of ERCO products enables different lighting solutions to be implemented for classic work environments such as open-plan offices and conference situations, but also for flexible settings including co-working spaces and break-out rooms. Downlights offer formal flexibility with a broad scope for design, ensuring optimum visual comfort and maximum efficiency. Unlike linear luminaires and fluorescent lamps, they emphasise the architecture without dominating the ceiling design.

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ERCO illuminates over 13700 offices and administration buildings worldwide. Investors and companies have opted for ERCO's lighting tools and expertise to ensure professional lighting of their work stations and buildings.

Tips for lighting design

Lighting concepts for offices must balance maximum efficiency with optimum visual conditions for the users.
Qualitative lighting design responds to human perception so as to facilitate concentrated work while meeting the relevant standards. Vertical illuminance combined with horizontal lighting enables efficient lighting solutions that require only a few luminaires with optimal glare control to achieve cost-effective lighting solutions – to optimise light for workspaces, use lighting accents for the modelling of objects, and enhance the perception of brightness in the room through wallwashing.
Be it for the desk, in the conference room, the office kitchen, in the corridor or in the lounge area: Based on relevant standards and the latest work research findings, individual lighting concepts ensure that offices with formal and informal usage concepts offer a productive work environment.

Using light to create atmosphere in the office

Perception-orientated lighting design goes far beyond the rules specified for horizontal illuminance. It seeks to ensure the wellbeing of employees at their workplaces. Zonal lighting for work surfaces, wall shelving and conference tables ensures a varied and attractive work environment. Vertical illuminance in offices provides a pleasant level of brightness in the field of vision, but also gives an open spatial impression.

Light as an expression of corporate identity

Architectural lighting is a powerful medium for companies to communicate their corporate identity. Lighting concept and choice of luminaires combine to produce a striking appearance - and so reinforce the corporate culture for staff and visitors. At night, the building can act as an expressive light signal in the urban space.

Efficient lighting for long-term savings

ERCO optimises the lighting technology against the actual lighting task to achieve maximum efficiency and excellent visual comfort. The efficient technology allows operators to reduce the number of luminaires and therefore also the investment costs. Long life and efficient lighting control guarantee lower operating costs for modern LED luminaires even in the long term.

Effective lighting technology with LEDs

The advantages of efficient LED luminaires include excellent luminous efficacy and a long life. A service life of 50,000 hours ensures maintenance-free operation in offices over 20 years. A reduced connected load also means less heat input, which has a positive effect on the operating costs for ventilation and air conditioning.

Lighting control for efficiency and atmosphere

Lighting control in the office presents three essential advantages: 1. The illuminance does not usually need to be as consistently high as specified, but can be reduced. 2. A daylight-dependent control system reduces the electricity requirement. 3. Zoning allows individual control based on activity and preference. Lighting control also lets employees adjust the atmosphere to suit their own ends.

Suitable lighting tools

ERCO downlights offer an aesthetic and cost-effective alternative to linear luminaires and fluorescent lamps. Different light distributions, efficient lens systems and a maintenance-free system design achieve high light output ratios and therefore, cost-effective lighting solutions. Be it at the workplace, in the conference room, in the hallway or in the reception area: High-power LEDs in combination with ERCO’s lens technology produce beams of utmost precision and uniformity for accentuation, washlighting and wallwashing. The compact recess depth and maintenance-free LED technology of ERCO downlights and wallwashers enable efficient lighting solutions for offices, ensuring easy installation and flexible use. More than that, ERCO luminaires set standards in efficiency and visual comfort, producing wide yet very uniform beam patterns with optimum glare control which allow the luminaires to be spaced far apart.

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