ERCO Innovations Tour 2020, ,

Light + Building postponed. We bring our highlights to you: ERCO Innovations Tour 2020

Experience the Light + Building highlights at your own premises

We would have liked to show you our exciting innovations at Light + Building. Unfortunately, the fair does not take place in Frankfurt in March. That's why we are now going on a big ERCO Innovations Tour with our new products and will therefore also be close to you. There you can not only see our latest product developments, but also try them out for yourself.

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Discover the features of our spotlight family Eclipse and much more

ERCO Innovations Tour 2020

Magic Darklight Lens

A single point of light with maximum visual comfort. The new lens technology with the precision of a camera lens.

ERCO Innovations Tour 2020

Always the right light spectrum

6 light spectra, 4 conversion filters, tunable white and RGBW - all in one spotlight range.

ERCO Innovations Tour 2020

The best contour spotlight of its kind

Illuminate images with sharp edges, with a projection image that is 3x larger than previous contour emitters. Also available as accessory.

ERCO Innovations Tour 2020

Connectivity solutions

Discover the new connectivity interface and simply change the control mode from dimming at the luminaire to control with your smartphone.

ERCO Innovations Tour 2020

Changeable light distributions

Change the light in the twinkling of an eye. You can change light distributions from narrow spot to wallwash without tools.

ERCO Innovations Tour 2020

Wide range of accessories

Match light precisely to your situation and combine up to 3 accessory components with Eclipse.

Exciting live sessions! In our showrooms or in your office

How good a lighting solution really is is best shown in practice. Try out the new ERCO innovations with us.

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Dates and locations of our ERCO Innovations Tour will follow shortly.
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