New 'LED Lighting' brochure as a guide for architects and lighting designers

New 'LED Lighting' brochure as a guide for architects and lighting designers  [PKM_Objekt]

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Core competence in optoelectronics: ERCO refines LEDs for architectural lighting

Lüdenscheid, July 2010 - The breakthrough of LED technology currently being experienced in architectural lighting is probably the biggest change in lighting technology for decades - comparable with the move from analogue to digital photography or from vinyl records to CDs. ERCO specialises in highly refined architectural lighting and leads the way in turning the inherent advantages into practical LED lighting tools. Due to their huge potential in terms of energy efficiency, lighting quality and visual comfort, light emitting diodes are seen as the light source of the future. The new technology opens up possibilities of providing efficient visual comfort at a previously unattainable level. ERCO now meets the market’s need for comprehensive information with the release of the "LED Lighting" brochure. It explains cutting-edge LED technology, development and application in a clear and highly practical way, making it a valuable guide for architects, lighting designers and lighting users. The brochure can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF at

Technological leader for LED lighting tools
The advances in LED lighting have shifted the focus in lighting technology towards the combination of optical and electronic elements - optoelectronics. ERCO identifies this as a core competence and focuses development activities in this field. The stated objective of the Lüdenscheid-based company is to develop lighting tools using the best available LED components in order to provide added value to lighting designers and users. The relevant optoelectronic systems are all designed and built by ERCO in-house. This includes everything from the PCBs for the LED modules and the optical elements (such as collimators as secondary lenses and Spherolit lenses as tertiary lenses) through to the software tools for digital lighting control. This ensures that as lighting specialists they can fully exploit the potential of the new technology to give greater energy efficiency while conserving resources. Additionally, the company offers its customers a range of light distributions for qualitative lighting design which is unparalleled in its scope - and which now includes LED lighting tools.

Comprehensive overview
Aimed at architects, technical engineers, lighting designers and building owners, plus teaching staff and students, the new 48-page brochure provides a comprehensive analysis of the development and application of LEDs. In addition to a detailed description of current technology, ranging from LED modules and optical systems to heat management and lighting control, the brochure "LED Lighting" provides a comparison with other light sources and a full list of ERCO’s LED lighting tools. The PDF document is now available in English and German, while French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch versions will be available from August. Download free of charge at:

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