A new size for compact spotlights: Pollux spotlights from ERCO

A new size for compact spotlights: Pollux spotlights from ERCO  [PKM_Objekt]
Lüdenscheid, February 2017. The new Pollux series of spotlights sets standards in the compact spotlight sector. Developed mainly for use in museums and galleries as well as the retail sector, hotels, restaurants and residential applications, Pollux spotlights meet the complete spectrum of demands regarding efficiency, quality of light and design. The luminaires demonstrate their strengths particularly in rooms with ceiling heights up to 12 feet [ERROR: ANKEROBJEKT NICHT EXISTENT: "3.5 meters"]. The system includes light distributions ranging from narrow spot to extra wide flood, and a contour spotlight as a special feature.

Light in museums, galleries and exhibitions is a highly diverse medium for information and presentation purposes - completely independent of the standard of presentation itself. If a collection of graphic masterworks is displayed in intimate cabinets in accordance with stringent conservational precautions, antique artefacts are dramatically emphasized out of dark surroundings using precise accent lighting, an exhibition designer brings picture panels to radiate using crisp-edged lighting or technical exhibits are brilliantly illuminated with low shadowing from different directions for example - such applications require compact lighting tools that are the equal of larger spotlights with higher lumen packages and that also provide the same high levels of light quality and diversity.

Systematic diversity
Consistently implemented luminaire systematics is the reason why the new Pollux spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers operate at the same qualitatively high levels as other ERCO spotlight ranges despite their especially compact design. Like their larger cousins, Pollux spotlights utilize LED lighting technology developed and produced by ERCO featuring collimating optics and interchangeable Spherolit lenses for the various light distributions. A variety of lighting tasks can be implemented with rotationally symmetrical characteristics from narrow spot to extra wide flood - with applications ranging from uniform, planar general lighting to the highly precise light accenting of objects. Wallwash asymmetrical light distribution is available for uniform vertical illumination, the most important element of perception-orientated lighting design. Oval flood axially symmetrical light distribution is especially diverse in the Pollux floodlight because the lens is freely rotatable to enable the oval-shaped light cone to be precisely aligned to the target plane or target object.

Attaining magic moments
Especially fascinating effects can be achieved with the Pollux contour spotlight: The projection optic combined with framing attachments enables hard-edged light cones. Picture panels lit in this way seem to illuminate from within, creating magical effects. Both the contour spotlight and other Pollux models blend ideally as high quality details into a wide range of architectural surroundings due to the purist, cylindrical design of the diecast aluminum light heads.

Phase dimmable down to 1%
ERCO optionally offers LED light colors of warm white (3000K) or neutral white (4000K). The control gear is installed in the ERCO turning transadapter for 2-circuit tracks - this is dimmable from 100% to 1% brightness via trailing edge and also features a potentiometer for individual brightness setting. In summary, the latest addition to the ERCO spotlight families represents a mature system despite its miniaturization: Pollux enables professional, effective designs with light at reduced dimensions.

Technical features
ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens, collimating optic made of optical polymer
Light distributions: Narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood, extra wide flood, oval flood, wallwash, contour spot
ERCO LED module: High-efficiency LEDs on metal core PCBs, light colors: warm white (3000K) or neutral white (4000K)
Housing: Powder-coated cast aluminum, white, black or silver
Adapter: ERCO turning transadapter for 2-circuit tracks
Control gear: Phase dimmable and with integrated potentiometer
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