Minimalism in the system: ERCO Cantax range with a new recessed model

Minimalism in the system: ERCO Cantax range with a new recessed model  [PKM_Objekt]
Lüdenscheid, May 2016. With the Cantax recessed luminaire, ERCO has added a new version to this successful range of track spotlights, broadening its scope as an accomplished system solution for diverse lighting tasks. Clear lines, brilliant light and precise light distributions set this luminaire apart as the ideal lighting tool for projects from shops to museums. Different sizes and shallow recess depths facilitate easy ceiling integration regardless of the space's height. Thanks to the tiltable and rotatable luminaire head, the recessed spotlight can be adjusted individually. The highly efficient system consisting of collimating and interchangeable Spherolit lenses provides the designer with a wide variety of light distributions.

Much of the success of a shop hinges on its appearance. Merchandise is presented effectively using decorative elements such as displays or posters, and in many cases is showcased in an arrangement that takes up much of the wall, right up to the ceiling. Adding to this complexity, display concepts often change with seasons and different collections. The lighting solution, therefore, must be flexible in the creation of individual light scenes, delivering high-contrast and eye-catching effects in the shop using a combination of ambient lighting and accentuation. In addition to these aspects, the lighting system must be designed with energy efficiency, minimum maintenance and a long life in mind, thereby contributing to the economic success of a shop. The new recessed version of Cantax, available as spotlight, floodlight and lens wallwasher, enables the designer to meet these requirements using a single range of luminaires.

Precise light for eye-catching presentations
Featuring innovative LED technology, Cantax produces a perfect beam - brilliant, evenly bright and with a soft edge, delivering a quality of light that reproduces colours faithfully without causing damage to material as a result of UV and infrared exposure. The interchangeable Spherolit lenses provide the designer with a wide variety of light distributions, from narrow accentuation through to wide beam floodlighting and even wallwashing. Specially-developed ERCO control gear guarantees continuous dimming of the LEDs down to 1% of their connected load, whilst creating hierarchies of perception in the shop. Available in three sizes, Cantax covers different power ranges from 2W and 210lm through to 24W and 3300lm, whereas the high luminous efficacy supports design concepts with a minimum number of luminaires. The lighting tool is particularly well suited for rooms with ceiling heights of 3m to 6m, ensuring precise illumination of the target surface even from great heights.

Tiltable and rotatable luminaire head enhances flexibility
Designed with a square luminaire head, the Cantax recessed spotlight has a round mounting detail, enabling it to be rotated through 360° in the ceiling, whilst the horizontal hinge ensures tilting of the luminaire head up to 90°. The resulting tool-free and flexible adjustment of the beam in any direction offers the practical advantage that the same recessed spotlight can be used to achieve diverse lighting effects, from accentuating a single object and emphasising a horizontal display through to illuminating wall-to-wall shelving.

Unobtrusive design for a wide range of applications
The Cantax recessed spotlight with covered mounting detail blends into any architecture unobtrusively, without visibility of the cabling or other technical features. Its round housing means that the luminaire is free from the constraints of the ceiling design and can be positioned to help communicate the design concept. The lighting tool remains virtually invisible even in rooms with low ceilings, directing the focus entirely onto the light effect. With an optimised design and a shallow recess depth of 75mm, the Cantax spotlight and its recessed counterpart are now also available in a small size with a square 92mm wide luminaire head, suggesting its use for efficient lighting particularly in boutiques, galleries and projects with ceilings of less than 3m.

Technical features Cantax
ERCO lens system: Collimating lens made of optical polymer, Spherolit lens with light distributions: narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood, oval flood (mountable turned through 90°), wallwash
ERCO LED module: High-power LEDs on metal-core PCB,
light colours: warm white or neutral white, 3000 or 4000K
Control gear: Switchable, phase dimmable or DALI dimmable
Housing: Luminaire: Cast aluminium, powder-coated, frame: polymer

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Clear lines, brilliant light and precise light distributions set the new ERCO Cantax recessed spotlight apart.

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Different sizes and shallow recess depths facilitate the integration into the ceiling - in high and low rooms.

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Cantax enables the designer to create high-contrast and eye-catching light scenes particularly in shops.

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