The ERCO Lightgap grazing light wallwasher: brings the textures and materials of walls to life

The ERCO Lightgap grazing light wallwasher: brings the textures and materials of walls to life  [PKM_Objekt]
Lüdenscheid, May 2017. Coarse-plastered walls, historic brickwork, finely structured coverings and raw, exposed concrete - architects and interior designers emphasize the character of indoor spaces by specifying particular construction materials and surfaces. The new Lightgap grazing light wallwasher from ERCO is an innovative recessed luminaire with LED technology that emphasizes the finest surface structures and textures in an especially sculptural way due to linear light distribution.

Vertical lighting adopts a central role in qualitative, perception-orientated lighting design, a fact reflected in the ERCO lighting portfolio with its extensive selection of wallwashers. Lightgap, a recessed luminaire with LED technology specifically designed for grazing light wallwashing, has now been added to the classic wallwashers that create generous spatial impressions thanks to especially uniform vertical lighting, as used in picture galleries for example. This method of illumination focuses attention on the architecture and also vividly emphasizes the materials, colors, surfaces and textures of walls. As an intangible construction material, light in this way supplements and underlines the interior concepts of museums and cultural buildings as well as emphasizing sophisticated projects in retail outlets, hotels and restaurants to create an unusual and atmospheric ambience.

Modeling with light
The Lightgap grazing light wallwasher from ERCO is installed in a light cove at the edge of the ceiling. With its asymmetrical light distribution, Lightgap achieves impressively homogeneous illumination of walls even at the smallest recommended mounting distance of 4" from the wall. The flat incident angle of the grazing light renders visible the highly fine structures of timber, concrete or natural stone, optimally displays coarse surfaces and creates rich-contrast, structurally appealing effects with light and shadow. The installation position of Lightgap concealed in the light cove provides ideal visual comfort and also allows individual design flexibility on location: In this way designers can influence the width of the light cone on the floor by modifying the opening between the wall and the drywall ceiling.

Flexible planning with rational mounting
The linear luminaire profiles of Lightgap are installed quickly and efficiently, and their slender section means they require little installation space. Thanks to ERCO's system design, the grazing light wallwashing can be simply modified according to the room dimensions - Lightgap luminaires are available for this purpose in three different lengths of approximately 12 1/4", 36" and 72" with wattages of 6, 18 and 36, and can be seamlessly butted together. Mounted Lightgap luminaires can be tilted to an inclination angle of ten degrees in both directions to optimize the impact of the grazing light.

Effective LED lighting technology
As a special method of vertical lighting, grazing light requires a linear light source. For this reason the LED PCBs manufactured by ERCO are linear-designed for grazing light wallwashing. Lightgap's energy-efficient, high lumen-output LED lighting technology is implemented with patented Spherolit lenses.
Computer-calculated spherolits on the lens enables the precise control of photometric properties that is indispensable for this unusual lighting application. Lightgap is available in warm white (3000K) and neutral white (4000K) light colors, and the electronic control gear is available in switchable or dimmable 0-10V versions.

Lightgap technical features
ERCO lens system: Spherolit lens
Light distribution: Wallwashing with grazing light
ERCO LED module: High-efficiency LEDs on metal core PCBs, light colors: warm white (3000K) or neutral white (4000K)
Control gear: Switchable or dimmable 0-10V

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About ERCO
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Lightgap, the new grazing light wallwasher from ERCO, emphasizes the structural appearances of materials and textures. The high quality lighting tool is ideal for modeling museums and other architectural landmarks with high visual impact.

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Lightgap luminaires can be installed in a continuous line to achieve maximised and uniform illuminance distribution on the wall like in the Krizia Flagship Store in Milan.

© ERCO GmbH,, photography: Dirk Vogel

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