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Technical environment

Technical environment

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Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences, Neubrandenburg, Germany

Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences – powerful downlights for an efficient lighting concept

When it comes to educational buildings, lighting planners face the challenge of lighting large, extensively used rooms cost-effectively. Because of its energy efficiency and ease of maintenance, ERCO LED lighting technology offers precisely the right solution. That was also the case in the modernised auditoriums of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences which are lit with the new generation of ERCO Quintessence LED downlights.

In Teaching Building 4, House 1 of the Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences, students are taught agricultural economics, food sciences, health, nursing, management, agricultural science, geomatics, social work, education and early education. The Betrieb für Bau und Liegenschaften Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (state authority responsible for building and real estate) commissioned A&S GmbH Neubrandenburg with planning the phased refurbishment of House 1 through to the final modernisation of Teaching Building 4. "House 1 was built back in GDR times, largely from prefabricated concrete, which was produced by the then state organisation responsible for building industrial and residential buildings, and it was opened on 1 October 1989 as the “Pedagogical University of Neubrandenburg. Two years and a political transformation later, the university completely realigned itself,” says architect Siegmund Flöting, summing up the history of the building which was now being gutted and redesigned.

With a total of four teaching buildings, House 1 features an enclosed central courtyard. Teaching Building 4 contains the university library, three auditoriums, the cafeteria, the technical control room and the university foyer. “The complete refurbishment of this extensively-used building became necessary in order to install an up-to-date fire prevention system. In addition, we made the entire building brighter, more open and modern,” Flöting explains. Today there are large openings in the roof and the ceilings of the individual storeys. Daylight penetrating all the way to the foyer on the ground floor lends the previously dark, enclosed room a new sense of spaciousness and makes it a suitable space in which to stage university events.

“Stairways and balconies are secured with a stainless steel net rather than a classic balustrade,” says architect Siegmund Flöting. “That is a part of our aesthetic concept and provides unobstructed views and good light distribution.”

Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences
Neubrandenburg University of Applied Sciences

Wide-beam Quintessence LED surface-mounted luminaires from ERCO with a warm-white colour of 3000°K and a connected load of 34W now illuminate the walkways of the redesigned foyer. The concrete ceilings of the original building proved to be so solid that it was not possible to use recessed luminaires. Quintessence surface-mounted luminaires with simple, cylindrical housing are thus in evidence as an attractive architectural element in the redesigned entrance area and foyer of Teaching Building 4. Even with large spacing between the individual luminaires, the broad light distribution guarantees efficient general lighting with a high level of visual comfort.

Auditorium lighting with ERCO: Efficient LED technology that meets the highest standards of lighting design, visual comfort and cost effectiveness

In refurbishing the three auditoriums in the same building, one of the overarching issues apart from fire prevention, acoustics and up-to-date media technology was an efficient lighting concept that would meet the highest standards of lighting design, visual comfort and cost effectiveness. Ceiling heights of up to roughly six metres presented the lighting designers with a particular challenge. This is where the new generation of ERCO Quintessence downlights came into play. They offer luminous flux of up to 4400lm with a connected load of up to 32W.

The recessed luminaires are therefore able to powerfully illuminate high-ceilinged rooms such as auditoriums. At the same time, they offer exceptional visual comfort thanks to the large cut-off angle – and this is achieved with a small number of luminaires. In the “blue” auditorium with a floor area of around 100 square metres, for instance, only twenty Quintessence downlights with a warm-white colour of 3000°K and a connected load of 36W are adequate for the perfect, glare-free illumination of the room.

The lighting technology used in ERCO Quintessence downlights makes it possible to increase luminaire spacing by up to 50%. This means a corresponding reduction in investment, installation and operating costs – an important factor, particularly for educational and public buildings.

At the same time, the LED downlights’ optical system produces a particularly uniform beam of light that lights the faces of students and teachers in a more pleasant way with high cylindrical illuminance without dazzling them. Glare from laptop and smartphone screens is also avoided despite the fact that the downlights have been installed in high-ceilinged rooms.

Pantrac lens wallwasher from ERCO: Asymmetric light distribution for uniform wall washing

The refurbishment deliberately preserved some features that recall the building’s past. One example of this is the walls around the stairway which, when built at the end of the 1980s, were fitted with hand-made ceramic tiles. The elaborate work by a group of artists – ceramicist Barbara Löffler, graphic artist Falko Behrendt, sculptor Uwe Maroske and the painter and graphic artist Andreas Homberg – consists entirely of unique pieces and, thanks to ERCO Pantrac lens wallwashers which also illuminate museums and exhibition spaces, now has a completely new, fresh look.

The uniform illumination of the walls is possible with the track-mounted LED spotlights with a connected load of 12W and wallwash distribution. Their warm-white light superbly reproduces the colours of the artistic clay tiles, some of which have been elaborately glazed or have a metallic sheen. The sculptured figurative art integrated into the walls and relief-style impressions of natural materials also have a three-dimensional look.

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