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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Light is the fourth dimension of architecture

Efficient visual comfort as a strategy for shop lighting

ERCO comprehends light as the fourth dimension of architecture. Our vision consists of making a positive contribution to society and architecture with our activities. We develop and manufacture lighting solutions for this purpose that create a high quality, authentic retail environment. The basis for this is Efficient Visual Comfort (EVC) – our strategy for seamlessly connecting sustainable design approaches with innovative product technology. To implement this ambitious task in practice we have formulated five quality criteria.

Efficient visual comfort as a strategy for shop lighting

Qualitative lighting design 

The central component of storytelling in shops is establishing coherent scenarios with light. The interplay between bright and dark, foreground and background and vertical and horizontal planes serves to guide customers and present merchandise. This in turn puts human perception into the focus of retail designers and with it lighting design that targets perception-based psychological needs such as vertical lighting and accenting.

Efficient visual comfort as a strategy for shop lighting

Vertical lighting

Vertical lighting determines the spatial perception of people to 80% – and therefore influences our sensitivity to brightness much more strongly than light on horizontal planes: vertical lighting on the outside already achieves the recognition of shop windows from afar, and within the shop an illuminated rear wall draws customers into the rear zones. At the merchandise level, wallwashing is also the ideal tool for the uniform display of products.

Efficient visual comfort as a strategy for shop lighting

Effective lighting technology

Only high-performance, precise optical systems enable striking accents. Not only the luminaire luminous flux but also the actual illuminance on the target plane is decisive. ERCO utilises self-developed Spherolit lens technology for this purpose. The result – projected light has no spill light losses. To enable maximum flexibility in exhibition design, ERCO's luminaire portfolio for tracks features seven interchangeable light distributions ranging from narrow spot to wallwash.

Efficient visual comfort as a strategy for shop lighting

Intelligent control

With in-house developed control gear, ERCO provides interfaces for various control technologies such as DALI. Phase dimmable spotlights, floodlights and wallwashers are dimmed via either external dimmers or potentiometer dimmers directly on the luminaires. The high lumen-output packages in spotlights designed with a separate housing for their control gear also provides shops with the possibility of setting striking accents with the use of compact luminaires.

Efficient visual comfort as a strategy for shop lighting

Efficient LED technology

The leading role adopted by ERCO in lighting with LEDs is based on the decision to expand the company's optoelectronics expertise. Due to in-house development ranging from LED PCBs and electronics to thermal management, ERCO always has complete control over the features of its products. In practice this means perfect quality of light, high illuminance levels coupled with low connected loads, and lumen maintenance that exceeds market standards for maximum longevity.

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