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Technical environment
Technical environment
Estándar global 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Our contents are shown to you in English. Product data is displayed for a technical region using USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/50Hz-60Hz.

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The advantages of a 48V system

Miniaturized, flexible and efficient. The low voltage system from ERCO enables high quality lighting concepts with extremely compact tracks and spotlights. Design your next project with Minirail 48V track and Eclipse 48V for example. Wireless light control, e.g. with Casambi Bluetooth or Zigbee, is your possibility to control the light via app. Installation is simple, and operation of a low voltage system is especially efficient thanks to central voltage converters.

Small cross section, large flexibility

The advantages of a 48V system

Small infrastructure

The Minirail 48V track has only a quarter of the cross-section of the ERCO 120V track. The Minirail 48V track therefore has an elegant appearance in rooms and is discreet in furniture.

The advantages of a 48V system

Complete flexibility

Minirail 48V track has the same depth of accessories as the familiar ERCO track with connectors and couplers, and can be mounted in a variety of ways as recessed, surface-mounted or pendant solutions.

The advantages of a 48V system

More efficiency via central voltage conversion

48V low voltage systems are very efficient, because the conversion from mains voltage to 48V occurs once centrally at the Minirail 48V track power feed and not at each individual luminaire. Compared to 120V systems, the heat in display cases can be reduced by 20W when using ten Eclipse 48V spotlights of size S.

The advantages of a 48V system

Easier installation

Installation is simplified because only two wires are required for power feed and control instead of five wires as in 2-circuit installations. Nevertheless, all known control methods are possible! Control is elegant and uncomplicated via radio technology. A gateway provides for connection to an existing lighting control system.

The advantages of a 48V system

Reliably into the future with wireless connectivity

With its add-on control unit, ERCO has developed a flexible interface for controlling 48V luminaires. The unit can be exchanged without tools. In no time at all, a luminaire with on-board dimmer is transformed into a Bluetooth-dimmable luminaire for example. The Minirail track is only used for power supply. Cable-based dimming modes such as 0-10V can also be integrated via radio technology.

The advantages of a 48V system

Very small adapter

The adapter for installing on the Minirail 48V track is very small with 48V luminaires because these luminaires do not need their own power supply unit. Thus several luminaires can be positioned close together. The luminaire is also protected against polarity reversal, so no attention must be paid to alignment when inserting it into the Minirail track.

The advantages of a 48V system

Ideal for precious art: reduced heat generation

The 48V luminaire emits less heat because it does not need its own power supply unit. This is ideal for heat-sensitive exhibits, especially in display cases. With ten Eclipse 48V spotlights in size S, the heat in display cases can be reduced by 20W compared to a high voltage system.

The advantages of a 48V system

Class 2 safety extra-low voltage

Due to the safety extra-low voltage, no special protective measures are required when installing the Minirail 48V track.

The advantages of a 48V system

Lower costs due to less control gear

Because conversion from mains voltage to 48V is implemented once centrally at the feed for the Minirail 48V track and not separately for each luminaire, a 48V system is around 10% cheaper in investment costs than a comparable high voltage system.

Our product ranges with 48V technology

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