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Technical environment
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ERCO new products 2019

Innovations indoors and outdoors

ERCO's diverse innovations are designed to provide lighting designers with the very best lighting tools for perception-oriented architectural lighting. The combination of effective lighting technology, efficient LEDs and intelligent control characterizes the product families for the specific applications: Quintessence for efficient general and accent lighting, Atrium double focus luminaires for lighting from large heights, Jilly for the illumination of office workplaces, Compar as an extensive range for high quality architectural lighting and zoom spotlights for flexible lighting in museums.


Perfect general lighting in a round or square design, or accentuation with an almost invisible light aperture is ideally achieved with the new Quintessence recessed luaminaires and recessed spotlights. The luminaires blend elegantly into the ceiling layout and embody the philosophy of "light instead of luminaires.

Quintessence round Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights and recessed wallwashers Quintessence square Recessed spotlights, recessed floodlights and recessed wallwashers Quintessence round Recessed luminaires Quintessence square Recessed luminaires Quintessence Pinhole Recessed luminaires

Atrium double focus

Illumination from large heights is achieved perfectly with Atrium double focus. Luminous flux and light dis- tribution of the recessed, surface- mounted and pendant luminaires are specially designed for high rooms and provide prestigious light in atria, foyers and event halls. The uplight in the pendant luminaires also brightens the ceiling.

Atrium double focus Recessed luminaires Atrium double focus Surface-mounted luminaires Atrium double focus Pendant luminaires

Zoom spotlights

A completely new range of freedom for flexible museum and shop lighting is created with zoom spotlights. The optic enables a continuously adjustable beam angle. Rotationally symmetric light distribution is available with zoom from spot to wide flood. An axially symmetric variant allows adjustment of the oval light distribution according to the room situation. This means a range of lighting tasks can be performed with just one lighting tool.

Pollux Luminaires for track Oseris Luminaires for track Optec Luminaires for track Parscan Luminaires for track

Jilly for track

Jilly offers perfect visual comfort for office workplaces. Their lighting technology has been specifically optimized for visual tasks in office environments, and as a result, Jilly meets all requirements for illuminating office workplaces.

Jilly Luminaires for track

Structure of the Compar family

Compar, with luminaires for track and surface-mounted luminaires, is being expanded to offer a very comprehen-sive product range for office applica-tions, public buildings and cultural institutions. All Compar luminaires use the optical system consisting
of collimator and anti-glare louver. With its small light emission aperture, Compar positions itself as a high- performance luminaire family for prestigious architectural projects.

Compar Luminaires for track Compar linear Surface-mounted luminaires

Small construction sizes for Lightscan and Kona

ERCO has added two smaller designs to the Lightscan and Kona ranges, providing even greater design flexibility with outdoor lighting. Lighting designers can now select between lumen packages from 210 to 13,000 lumens.

Lightscan Projectors, floodlights and wallwashers Kona Projectors, floodlights and wallwashers

0-10V control for Site

In addition to switchable and phase dimmable luminaires, ERCO also offers a new control gear for 0-10V control.

Site In-ground luminaires

Castor bollard luminaires as short versions

Castor is now also available with a height of 19 11/16” for mounting bollard luminaires on low walls along paths. High visual comfort as well as compliance to dark sky requirements are of course still typical of Castor bollard luminaires.

Castor Bollard luminaires

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