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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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mai public relations GmbH, Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Versatile and smart office light

mai public relations, Berlin

The clean loft office of communications agency mai public relations in Berlin-Kreuzberg has gained a new lighting solution from ERCO. Jilly downlights meet all the requirements of contemporary office lighting with LED technology. Outstanding quality of light, smart connectivity and a flexible infrastructure forge an inspiring environment for creative ideas.

mai public relations GmbH, Berlin

Start-up companies, extravagant bars and urban graffiti art. Kreuzberg is the Berlin district that has become an attraction for young, creative people from all over the world. The communications agency maipr is located in the somewhat labyrinthine rear courtyard of an old building so typical in Berlin. The team of architects, urban planners and media experts deals with topics related to architecture, building and design. It's therefore a logical consequence that this goes hand-in-hand with rigorous standards concerning the company's own work spaces. As a result, Managing Director Matthias Mai has linked the century-old loft with its high ceilings and generously dimensioned windows to a smart and flexible lighting concept from ERCO in order to meet the diverse requirements of his agency.

Modern office lighting with design quality

For a long time, wide distribution fluorescent lamps were the economically attractive but extremely unsatisfactory lighting solution in the agency's offices. In a working world in which people are focused on, light must meet design requirements as well as normative ones. The new lighting solution from ERCO with LED technology combines horizontal general lighting and wallwashing within a perception-oriented lighting concept. General lighting provides sufficient light at the workplaces, enables good visual comfort and achieves pleasant facial illumination. Illuminated vertical surfaces ensure a bright spatial impression and balanced contrast conditions for work on screens. The concept was implemented with Jilly downlights for track (13W) with extra wide flood light distribution and Optec spotlights (12W) with wallwash distribution. Jilly downlights for track represent a completely new type of luminaire, combining the flexibility of spotlights with the high visual comfort of downlights. The view into the Jilly from the side is almost magical, because thanks to excellent glare control it almost gives the impression that the luminaire is not switched on at all. The light only really becomes appealingly perceptible upon horizontal surfaces such as desks and shelves. The neutral white light color of 4,000 Kelvin has a stimulating effect and forms the counterpart to natural daylight. Lucy task lights also ensure sufficient brightness on the work surface, e.g. for concentrated work in the evening hours.

mai public relations GmbH, Berlin
mai public relations GmbH, Berlin
mai public relations GmbH, Berlin

Rigid and indiscriminate. The obsolete office lighting with fluorescent lamps did not correspond to the flexible way of working of the communications agency.

mai public relations GmbH, Berlin

ERCO's new lighting concept on the other hand opens up new options for the use of space and also gives the office a contemporary appearance. Thanks to the flexible positioning of the Jilly downlights in the track the workstations now receive sufficient light with very high visual comfort. Uniformly illuminated walls also convey a wider spatial impression in the room.

New freedom of movement for the future

Flexibility and adaptability determine the everyday life of communications agencies, as is the case at maipr. Owner Matthias Mai also expected such characteristics from the new lighting solution for his agency. With ERCO track as the infrastructure, the luminaire installation is not only quick and easy but can also easily be adapted to the office layout. The Jilly downlights can be repositioned and fixed in the track in just a few simple steps according to orientation of the workstations in the room. Even retroactive changes are no problem and can be carried out without prior knowledge, as demonstrated by the recent conversion of the office. Further workstations, a communicative standing area and a changed seating arrangement made new demands on the lighting. What was special: it was not the furniture arrangement that had to change according to the lighting; the luminaires were simply repositioned to meet the changed use – no need for tools and no new cabling. And even when moving to other premises all the lighting can simply be taken along. In this way, Jilly fulfils the complete set of requirements placed on an economical and sustainable lighting solution for flexible working environments.

mai public relations GmbH, Berlin

ERCO lighting concept 1
Fluorescent lamps are a thing of the past. Perfectly aligned, Jilly downlights now ideally illuminate the office workstations.

mai public relations GmbH, Berlin

ERCO lighting concept 2
Because the office layout and use of the space subsequently changed, the positions of the Jilly downlights were correspondingly adapted with great simplicity.

mai public relations GmbH, Berlin

ERCO luminaires dim and switch via Bluetooth. Simply via Smartphone and tablet with Casambi Bluetooth.

Individual lighting control thanks to Bluetooth-capable luminaires

The Berlin agency maipr is representative of many other companies with a need for a scalable lighting solution. The example shows how smart infrastructures enable a contemporary use of space. In addition, each employee can individually determine the lighting level at their own workstation. ERCO's lighting solution can be intuitively controlled by smartphone or tablet via Casambi Bluetooth. In addition to control via daylight sensors and presence detectors, pre-programmed light scenes can be called up and individual luminaires addressed. This is of high value especially for the various visual tasks in team meetings, concentrated text work or research. The light can be controlled via the free Casambi app for iOS and Android mobile devices. For seamless communication and intuitive operation, ERCO has integrated the Casambi Chip into the control gear of its luminaires. At the end of a working day, the luminaires can of course also be switched off "classically" via a Bluetooth-capable wall switch.

Luminaires used

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