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Technical environment

Technical environment

Global standard 220V-240V/50Hz-60Hz
Standard for USA/Canada 120V/60Hz, 277V/60Hz
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Human Centric Lighting according to the AAA principle

Architecture: light for high quality of stay and good orientation

The interplay of light and form influences our perception of architecture. Illuminated vertical surfaces in particular are vital for orientation and the impression of brightness. As a linear wallwasher, Invia 48V is perfect for this. In combination with linear downlights and spotlights, coordinated architectural lighting is created

Activity: visual comfort for any task

Make high visual comfort the fundamental principle of your lighting design by using luminaires that meet the highest requirements for perfect glare control. Invia 48V, with good light, supports both interpersonal communication and concentrated work.

Atmosphere: the right light for any time of the day

Invia 48V with tunable white in every light distribution allows lighting designers to adapt the course of daylight and create temporal orientation indoors using dynamic lighting scenes. Whether controlled individually by radio (Casambi Bluetooth) or via the lighting control (DALI), you always create the right atmosphere.

Use the melanopic efficacy of light

Light controls our sleeping and waking rhythm. In addition to the spectrum and brightness, the direction from which the light falls on the retina in the eye is significant. Light reflected from walls and the ceiling is particularly effective. Invia 48V offers wallwashers and uplights directed towards the ceiling as well as tunable white-variable light colors for all luminaires.

This distinguishes Invia 48V wallwashers

Perfect uniformity even in the corners

The most important quality feature for excellent wallwashing is uniformity. In addition to perfect horizontal uniformity, Invia 48V as a linear wallwasher also achieves a very natural brightness gradient in the vertical. With a uniformity of 1:2.3 from minimum to maximum, Invia 48V is significantly above the standard of 1:4. The light starts directly below the ceiling and falls uniformly over the entire height of the wall. The advantage: Intelligently designed 90° corner wallwashers ensure seamlessly uniform illumination even around corners.

Wallwashing with tunable white

Always illuminating art or architecture with the right light. ERCO has developed wallwashers for this purpose that, thanks to tunable white, can adjust the color temperature from 2700K to 6000K. This enables you to coordinate your lighting to the color schemes of exhibits or adjust the light to the course of daylight.

Extremely effective wallwashers

In addition to design requirements, economic factors are also important with wallwashing. Invia wallwashers, with up to 107lm/W, are especially efficient. The precise optical system ensures that the luminaires project their light particularly uniformly and extremely effectively onto the target surface. On a 10ft (3m) high wall, Invia 48V sets the effectiveness benchmark for linear wallwashing with 0.1W/ft2 per 10fc.

Lighting technology for all applications

Light control with high visual comfort

Projection instead of reflection. The miniaturized lens system with a width of only 1" (2.5cm) projects light precisely onto the target surface. This makes Invia 48V particularly effective in application. Special 70° downlights allow different applications: illuminate office workstations with UGR<19 and high visual comfort. Downlights in a high-output version are available for high rooms.

Five spectra and tunable white

Create the right atmosphere: five white light spectra from 2700K to 4000K and CRI 82 to CRI 92 are available. For dynamic lighting concepts such as Human Centric Lighting, you can use tunable white from 2700K to 6000K to adapt the light color of downlights, uplights and wallwashers to daylight.

Digital control modes

Casambi Bluetooth: program and control via smartphone and tablet

With the Casambi DALI Gateway as an accessory, you make your DALI light structure ready for intuitive control via Casambi Bluetooth. Further design possibilities are created in combination with 48V spotlights, which can also be controlled via Casambi Bluetooth. Program light scenes without complex infrastructure and additional cables, or use the ERCO Casambi motion detector (as an accessory) with light sensor for daylight-dependent light control.

Simple control with DALI

DALI provides you with a proven and convenient light management system for your Invia 48V continuous line. Invia 48V complies with Class 2 requirements thanks to the DALI connector, so no special protective measures are necessary during installation.

Switchable for classic applications

Invia 48V is of course also available as a switchable version.

Mounting methods for optimal integration

Perfectly integrated for flush and covered installation

The flanged recessed profile for acoustic panels and ceiling plates is ideal for installing in suspended ceilings. The recessed profile for flush installation is optimized for ½”(12.5mm) and 1" (25mm) ceiling thicknesses as well as the 5/8" (15mm) thickness common in the USA.

Pragmatic and economical: the surface-mounted variant

The surface-mounted variant is a sensible solution especially for baffle ceilings and for projects in existing buildings. The Invia 48V profile can be mounted directly on ceilings or grids.

Brighten ceilings with the suspended profile

You can suspend the Invia 48V profile from the ceiling with wire ropes or pendant tubes – both types are available as accessories for the surface-mounted profile. The optionally available uplight brightens the ceiling and is perfect for Human Centric Lighting concepts.

Invia 48V

A single light structure, all applications

Invia 48V
flexible in museums and galleries

Invia 48V
integrated into public buildings

Invia 48V
modular in offices

The line follows the architecture, the light follows the application

Lines lend dynamism to architecture and emphasize spatial dimensions. ERCO combines the continuous line with a fully comprehensive toolbox of light distributions. This makes Invia 48V a light structure that convinces both as a design element and for any lighting task.

base scene base scene
General lighting base scene

Downlights for office workplaces

Specially developed for the high requirements of standard-compliant office workplace lighting according to EN 12464-1: downlights with 70° wide flood distribution and UGR<19 for maximum visual comfort. Also available with tunable white for dynamic Human Centric Lighting concepts.

Downlights for circulation zones

Extra wide flood downlights with 90° beam angle allow large spacing between the lines and are ideal for the efficient and high-quality illumination of circulation zones.

Downlights for high rooms

Atriums, foyers or auditoriums: for room heights of up to 26ft (8m), particularly high-output downlights with wide flood (70°) distribution and up to 1565lm are available for general lighting. Optionally with tunable white for dynamic lighting concepts that simulate the course of daylight.

Wallwashing base scene

Wallwashers for a wide room impression

Linear vertical illumination is the prime discipline of Invia 48V wallwashers. They project light onto walls with a unique level of uniformity – even across corners and with tunable white.

Light line base scene

Diffuse light for emphasizing lines

If you primarily want to emphasize the language and dynamics of the architecture, the linearity of the diffuse distribution continuous line is the right choice.

Accent lighting base scene

Spotlights for even more design freedom

Create hierarchies of perception by emphasizing architectural elements, exhibits or room zones with accent lighting. Invia 48V can be combined with our Minirail track and thus all our 48V spotlights – from 5° narrow spot right up to contour spotlights.

Culture base scene
Community base scene
Work base scene

Perfect for museums and galleries in this configuration

Invia 48V scores with outstanding wallwashing, even across corners – perfect for uniformly illuminating high-quality art. Art can be displayed with high contrast thanks to the option of using 48V spotlights.

Spatial perception
Accent lighting
48V spotlight
Light color
Tunable white
Configure now

Perfect for public buildings in this configuration

Luminaires and architecture become a single entity. Illuminate rooms up to 26ft (8m) high, such as atriums and foyers, efficiently and with high visual comfort. The 70° wide flood distribution is also available in a version with extra high luminous flux.

General lighting
Wide flood 70° (high-output), wallwash
Light color
Configure now

Perfect for offices in this configuration

Human Centric Lighting put into linear form. Invia 48V provides you with everything you need for perception-oriented lighting: standard-compliant general lighting with UGR<19 and uplight component, tunable white and effective accent lighting with 48V spotlights.

General lighting
Wide flood 70° (UGR<19), uplight
Accent lighting
48V spotlight
Light color
Tunable white
Configure now

True Human Centric Lighting, just as it should be

ERCO Invia 48V – the HCL light structure: perfectly integrated into any architecture, maximum visual comfort for any activity, variable brightness and light color for the right atmosphere.

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image image

Perfect wallwashing.
Endless, even around corners.

Illuminated walls significantly determine the effect of the architecture and the impression of brightness in the room. Because light reflected from walls is perceived as much brighter than horizontal lighting, lower illuminance is required and therefore less energy. Invia 48V linear wallwashers illuminate vertical surfaces particularly effectively and achieve excellent uniformity, even across corners.

  • Seamless wallwashing, even across corners
  • 40% less energy consumption than comparable wallwashers
  • Linear luminaire arrangements for excellent horizontal and vertical uniformity
  • Perfect visual comfort thanks to very good shielding on the room side

Precise lens technology with high-tech materials

Invia 48V is the light structure with the best quality of light. This is ensured by high-quality components that are perfectly matched. The LEDs offer five spectra and score with consistent light colors and a long service life. The light mixer below the lens features extremely high reflectivity and directs 95% of the light into the lens. This directs the light with high precision and creates defined light distributions.

  • Lens technology for high effectiveness and excellent visual comfort
  • Five white light spectra from 2700K to 4000K
  • All light distributions in tunable white (2700K - 6000K)

Control digitally. By radio or wired.

Invia 48V scores with digital control modes. Casambi Bluetooth enables you to operate up to four luminaire groups intuitively via smartphone or tablet. Complex light scenes can also be programmed and automatically called up. If you combine Invia 48V with Minirail 48V, you can also integrate the ERCO 48V Casambi sensor directly into your system. DALI is also available as a proven light management system for individually controlling single luminaires.

Casambi Bluetooth: program and control via smartphone without complex infrastructure

Convenient light management with DALI

Switchable for classic applications

As simple as it is ingenious

The downlights and wallwashers specifically developed for Invia 48V can be inserted without tools. If a change of use requires the luminaires to be realigned, they can be removed and repositioned without effort.

  1. Two profiles for flush and covered installation
  2. Pragmatic and versatile: surface-mounted profile
  3. Suspended with optional uplight

One profile, many possibilities

The integration of luminaires into architecture is ideally achieved with Invia 48V. Luminaires that harmonize completely with the profile create a continuous line of light to follow the lines of the architecture. Various mounting options for the profiles give you design flexibility.

lighting strip

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This makes Invia 48V particularly sustainable

ERCO Greenology is our holistic approach to sustainability that applies to all product ranges. This principle takes into account all components. Modular components and efficient lighting technology in operation distinguish Invia 48V as an especially sustainable light structure. The possibility of replacing luminaires at a later date means you are future-proofed.

Effective and economical
The precise optical system of the wallwashers project the light particularly uniformly and extremely effectively onto the target surface. On a 10ft (3m) high wall, Invia 48V sets the effectiveness benchmark for linear wallwashing with 0.1W/ft2 per 10fc and requires 40% less energy than comparable systems.

Efficient thanks to low voltage
48V low voltage systems are more efficient than 220-240V systems when the load on the power supply unit exceeds 30%, because the conversion from mains voltage to 48V takes place centrally and not at each individual luminaire. With up to 160lm/W for downlights, the Invia 48V light structure is particularly efficient.

Invia 48V is a modular light structure. The luminaires and electronic components developed in-house are designed for durability and low-maintenance operation. You can expand Invia 48V at any time and exchange individual components.

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