Luminaire spacing in general lighting

Advantages of differentiated light distributions

Reducing lighting costs and installation costs

In addition to energy and maintenance costs, the initial investment in a lighting system is decisive for construction authorities. This includes costs for individual luminaires as well as electrical installation and mounting. Installation costs are reduced if fewer luminaires are needed. To continue complying with minimum normative requirements such as uniformity and nominal illuminance using a reduced quantity of luminaires, differentiated light distributions are needed. As a consequence, oval light distributions for example allow wide luminaire spacing and therefore the sufficient illumination of corridors. For this purpose the lens system spreads the light distribution more strongly in one direction than in the other.

ERCO downlights with oval flood light distribution

Up to 40% less luminaires due to differentiated light distribution (product data from 2017)

Nominal illuminance (lx):150
Connected load (W/m²):3,01

Standard downlights with wide light distribution

More luminaires and up to 33% higher energy consumption with generic light distribution (product data from 2017)

Nominal illuminance (lx):154
Connected load (W/m²): 4,47

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