Ameron Hotel Speicherstadt, Hamburg

The Ameron Hotel is the first hotel to open in Hamburg’s Speicherstadt a short while ago. In recent years, the warehouses, largely brick buildings dating back to the 19th century, have been converted into museums, restaurants, offices and cultural facilities. The Ameron Hotel comprises two sections: A former office building in post-war modernism style now accommodates 192 rooms and suites, a bar, the wellness area and the lobby, whereas the previous coffee exchange opposite a canal is used for events.

Central to the idea of conversion was to take a conservative approach to altering the historic building fabric. ERCO’s efficient and highly precise lighting tools integrate unobtrusively into the architecture, their functional design offering an exciting contrast to the filigree, curved retro luminaires used for decorative lighting purposes. The former trading floor was fitted with track incorporated into a dark wood slat ceiling. Black Parscan spotlights and lens wallwashers as a result recede into the background, yet effectively illuminate the room. The flexibility of the spotlights allows for changing light scenarios to suit talks, conferences, parties and dinners. At night, Quintessence floodlights illuminate a colored glass window transforming it into a vivid eye-catcher thanks to exceptionally uniform and exactly vertical light. As low ceiling heights in the main building left little room for the integration of recessed luminaires, Skim proved ideal with its low recess depth. The warm white light color of all ERCO LED luminaires used in the hotel creates a unique aesthetic appeal with strong amenity value.

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